New Global Technical Committee Formed for FPD Metrology

New Global Technical Committee Formed for FPD Metrology

As documented in the previous Standards Watch by Dr. Jong-Seo Lee (Samsung), co-chair of SEMI's Korea FPD Committee, there has long been a need for standardization in FPD areas not covered by SEMI existing FPD Committees (Color Filter & Optical Elements, Factory Automation, and Mask). As the FPD industry has grown, related markets and technologies have rapidly changed. With the current SEMI FPD standards platform, SEMI’s influence on Standards in the FPD field is restricted. To address this issue, the Korea and Taiwan FPD Committees formally requested the formation of a new global FPD Metrology Committee to the International Standards Committee (ISC), the SEMI International Standards Program’s highest administrative body.

The request was presented to the ISC by Mr. Il-Ho Kim (Light Measurement Solutions), co-chair of SEMI’s Korea FPD Committee. Mr. Kim emphasized the need for voices from Korea and Taiwan to be heard in the standardization process, and how the new committee would work carefully with other standards developing organizations to coordinate efforts and avoid overlap and wasted efforts. Over 50 companies from Korea and Taiwan, representing interests ranging from equipment suppliers to panel makers to academia, supported the proposal and have pledged to participate. The scope and charter are as follows:


To develop technical standard specifications and guidelines for FPD on image quality, performance measurement methods, and mechanical & electrical device characteristics.


The FPD Metrology Committee explores and develops standards that pertain to common criteria, guidelines, and methods for control and comparison of FPD display-related metrology. Duplication of efforts with other ongoing standardization activities must be avoided.

The proposal was unanimously approved by the ISC at their SEMICON West 2008 meeting. The initial meeting of the Korea FPD Metrology Committee will be held on Sep.6 in Seoul.

As with all SEMI Standards Committees, the FPD Metrology Committee is global, and interested parties from all regions are encouraged to register for the committee.!openform

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