SEMICON Taiwan Teams Up to Create a More Powerful Venue

SEMICON Taiwan Teams Up to Create a More Powerful Venue

SEMICON® Taiwan (September 9-11) is the largest microelectronics event in the region, featuring more than 700 exhibiting companies and attracting more than 45,000 visitors. The exhibition showcases technologies used in the design and manufacturing of semiconductors, photovoltaics, nanoelectronics, and related technologies.

SEMICON Taiwan attracts the world’s leading technology companies who design, develop, manufacture, and supply the technologies to manufacture the microelectronics that drive today’s most sophisticated consumer and commercial electronic products.

This year, we are proud to announce the opening of PV Power Taiwan at SEMICON Taiwan 2008, the most comprehensive photovoltaic event in Taiwan. In 2007, the annual photovoltaic output of Taiwan ranked fourth in the world.

This year, the exposition will be held at the Taipei World Trade Center.

For the first time, SEMICON Taiwan, IIC Taiwan and PV Power Expo Taiwan will bring together all of the elite companies from across the semiconductor industry supply chain— from IC design, to equipment, materials, and manufacturing in the semiconductor and photovoltaic industry.

From in-depth technical training on the latest developments in microelectronics design and manufacturing, to executive networking events, to SEMI® International Standards meetings, SEMICON Taiwan has a full schedule of programs and events to maximize the value of your time at the show. In addition to exhibitors, the show offers a grand Opening Ceremony and numerous programs, including:

    Featured Activities

    Taiwan Standards Meetings:

  • I&C Standards Committee Meeting
  • I&C Standards Workshop
  • EHS Standards Committee
  • EHS Standards Workshop
  • SEMI Taiwan Standards Committees Leader Team Dinner
  • PV Standards Working Group Meeting
  • PV Standards Workshop

    PV Programs

  • Industry Deployment
  • Polysilicon Materials Outlook
  • Modules for PV System
  • New Products and Solutions Outlook
  • Thin Films
  • PV Standards Working Group
  • PV Standards Workshop

    Other Activities

  • SEMICON Golf Tournament (Registration Form)
  • Exhibitor Appreciation Reception
  • Charity Gala Dinner

SEMI University Program
This exciting new program engages students and highlights the career opportunities in the microelectronics industry through live educational programs and booth tours guided by leading IC manufacturers.

Connect with the companies, people, products and information shaping the future of design and manufacturing for semiconductors, nanoelectronics, MEMS, photovoltaics and related advanced electronics industry event!

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