SEMI Board Welcomes new Chairman, Appointees

SEMI Board Welcomes new Chairman, Appointees

During the recently concluded SEMICON West 2008, held in San Francisco, CA in mid-July, SEMI announced that Bob Akins, chairman and CEO at Cymer, is the next chairman of the association’s International Board of Directors. Akins is successor to Jerry Coder, president emeritus of the Semiconductor Materials Business unit of DuPont Electronic Technologies, who served is the role over the past year.

"SEMI has benefited member companies participating in the semiconductor and related manufacturing industries for almost four decades through advocacy efforts, standards, information and EHS initiatives, as well as its leading global conferences and expositions,” said Akins. “I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the SEMI global membership through my term as chairman of the International Board of Directors.”

The Board of Directors has also elected Toshio Maruyama, president and CEO of Advantest Corp.; Osamu Nakamura, vice president and executive officer of Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation; and David Peng, chairman and CEO of Hauman Technologies Corp. to the International Board of Directors.

"On behalf of SEMI and its members, I am pleased to welcome Bob Akins as SEMI chairman and Maruyama-san, Nakamura-san and Mr. Peng as new board members," said Stanley T. Myers, president and CEO of SEMI. "The rich experience and thoughtful guidance that each brings will surely benefit the SEMI International Board of Directors and association membership as they continue to champion major initiatives that are key to the success of our industry.”

To better address the growing percentage of its membership currently developing photovoltaic technologies, the association also announced the appointment of Dr. Eicke Weber, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems to the Board.

Weber has an international reputation as a materials scientist and one of the world's leading researchers in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. He was appointed by a unanimous vote of the SEMI board at its recent annual Policy and Planning board meeting in response to growing involvement of association members in the area of energy and photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing.

"Dr. Weber is a highly-regarded materials scientist and an avid proponent of renewable energy. In addition to his deep technical understanding of silicon technology, his perspective and expertise in solar energy will greatly contribute to our board's ability to address SEMI members' growing interest in the field," said Myers. "Photovoltaic manufacturing and other energy-related markets are key opportunities for a significant number of SEMI member companies that provide the advanced manufacturing technologies and materials to enable microelectronics, PV, displays, MEMS and related products."

Currently, the global association’s Board of Directors has 19 voting board members, four non-voting ex-officio and nine emeritus directors. For more information about the association and its leadership, please visit