SEMI High Tech U in for the Long Haul

SEMI High Tech U in for the Long Haul

For the past six years, the SEMI Foundation has reached over 30,000 students, both domestically and abroad, with its innovative workforce development program, SEMI® High Tech U™ (HTU). With 66 programs to date, targeted at students as well as teachers, HTU has successfully exposed these high school-aged students to educational and career opportunities in the math, science and technology fields.

The mentoring and networking opportunities don’t end with the three-day program either, because a major and unique aspect of HTU is the ongoing engagement with program alumni. In general, the SEMI Foundation strives to stay in contact for the five years beginning during a student’s sophomore year in high school through the sophomore year in college, in order to provide ongoing mentoring and guidance as students move into higher education and declare majors.

HTU alumni are also encouraged to volunteer at future programs in their areas, and many have done so. Claudia Musick, an HTU alumna, had this to say during a recent program held at the Intel campus at Jones Farm, Oregon–“This is truly great program, it completely raised my standards in life, and it excites me to see students that want a better future—that they care about what becomes of their lives. This program opened so many doors for me, and continues to do so with every day that goes by.”

The SEMI Foundation holds annual regional “Alumni Reunions” that have the specific purpose of continuing the momentum started in the program. These events generally offer student networking opportunities, continuing education components, and update information from affiliated organizations. All students who participated in each region are invited. In addition, the events allow the SEMI Foundation to gather student updates on educational plans, obtain survey data and generally maintain connections, but equally important, they allow the Foundation to test new modules for the program. For example, the next reunion planned for the Silicon Valley will test a new program module focusing on solar energy technologies.

“We are enjoying tremendous grassroots success with the program, especially as our early students begin to graduate from college and move into the workforce,” said Lisa Anderson, vice president of the SEMI foundation. “Looking forward, we anticipate an increasingly greater impact as the program continues to evolve and take hold in new regions around the world.”

In 2008, there are 19 student and four teacher programs, which will take place in the U.S., as well as Austria, China, France, Japan and Singapore. In addition to the regular program, four alumni reunions will be held.

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About the Program:

SEMI High Tech U is an industry-driven math and science-based career exploration program for high school students and teachers.