Korean Standards Advisory Committee (KSAC) Meets at SEMICON Korea 2008

Korean Standards Advisory Committee (KSAC) Kicks Off at SEMICON Korea 2008

Volunteer experts in Korea have been supporting an ever growing standards activity in the flat panel display (FPD) sector since 2001. What began with a small working group has grown into a Local Technical Committee (LTC) with multiple task forces, and these efforts have already yielded three new FPD Standards.

  • SEMI D33-0703 - Measuring Method of Optical Characteristics for Backlight Unit
  • SEMI D36-1103 - Terminology for LCD Backlight Unit
  • SEMI D41-0305 - Measurement Method of SEMI Mura in FPD Image Quality Inspection

In order to engage key stakeholders in Korea from the semiconductor and FPD industry, academia and other sectors in long-term planning for sustainable growth of standards activity in the region, an industry advisory group was needed to provide strategic guidance and input to SEMI Korea. According to its mission statement, KSAC exists:

  • To provide strategic guidance and vision for a sustainable Standards development strategy in Korea.
  • To actively promote effective standards development by providing guidance to the volunteers SEMI International Standards Program in Korea and SEMI Korea staff.
  • To facilitate and nurture the dialogue between suppliers, device manufacturers, panel manufacturers, academia and other stakeholders in order to address critical regional and global industry needs with maximum efficiency and timeliness.

KSAC was formally kicked off at SEMICON Korea 2008 on January 31, 2008. Current member companies are:

  • Samsung Electronics
  • Hynix Semiconductor
  • Dongbu HiTek
  • Dongjin SEMI-CEM
  • KC Tech
  • Juseng Engineering
  • IPS
  • PSK
  • Edwards Korea
  • Siltrom
  • Korea Agency for Technology and Standards
  • Korea University of Technology and Education

Strategic Guidance

KSAC members plan to meet quarterly to discuss ways of further growing standards activity in FPD and also initiate efforts in the semiconductor segment – an activity that is long overdue, and which can benefit from an already existing global infrastructure in the SEMI International Standards Program, once regional needs and ways of contributing have been identified.

KSAC will also serve as a strategic body to provide high-level vision and guidance to regional standardization needs in Korea, with an eye on emerging and maturing markets such as photovoltaics and exciting new opportunities in advanced display technologies. Furthermore, the group plans to investigate strategic alliances with other organizations in Korea for the benefit of regional stakeholders in the industries SEMI serves.

For more information on KSAC, please contact Ms. Eun-Jung Shim at eshim@semi.org