SEMI Member Satisfaction Rises with the Market: Annual Survey Shows Dramatic Jump in Member Satisfaction

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SEMI Member Satisfaction Rises with the Market

Annual Survey Shows Dramatic Jump in Member Satisfaction

Results from the annual SEMI Customer Satisfaction Survey show a dramatic increase in member satisfaction. Overall satisfaction with SEMI rose 22 percent in 2010, as measured by the percentage of members rating SEMI performance “Acceptable” and “Above Acceptable” — rising from 69 percent in 2009 to 91 percent in 2010. Member satisfaction rose in all regions, among all industry segments, and among all sizes of member companies. Satisfaction with SEMI also increased in comparable amounts among non-members.

This is the sixth year that SEMI has analyzed member and customer satisfaction with an annual survey. Feedback was collected from a total of 2,182 people including 1,708 members, with a 10.9 percent response rate and a 2.24 percent margin of error with 95 percent confidence. The survey was conducted in English, Japanese, Korean, and both simplified and tradition Chinese. No significant changes were made in the survey methodology, questions, rating scale, look-and-feel, or member respondent profile in 2010 from previous years.

According to the survey, SEMI staff performance, events, and products have the greatest impact on overall satisfaction with SEMI. These activities, plus exhibitions and conferences are the leading satisfaction drivers among members, while SEMI staff performance is the strongest key driver for non-members (when contact occurs). Overall satisfaction with SEMI is higher among those who have had contact with SEMI staff in the past year. Members who use SEMI products give higher ratings for overall satisfaction with SEMI than those who do not. In the survey, lowering costs was the primary suggestion to improve the value of membership

Satisfaction with SEMI’s products also significantly improved compared to 2009. Combined “Above Acceptable”/ “Acceptable” ratings range from 89 to 93 percent. Market briefings/webcasts (93 percent) is the highest-rated product and Training/Education materials (89 percent) is the lowest rated.

In total and in many regions, scores for communications shifted from “Acceptable” to “Above acceptable,” and ratings overall increased compared to last year. Scores for the quality of communications are significantly higher in total and in all of the regions.

When asked what association activities are most important, members rated “Provide Market Data,” “Conduct Expos/Conferences” and “Facilitate Industry Standards” as the most important. These activities, plus “Support Government Relations,” “Help Develop New Markets,” and “Assist Industry with EHS/Sustainability” all were rated as “Important” or “Very Important” by over 90 percent of the survey respondents. In an open-ended question that asked what new or additional activities SEMI should create to serve member interests, support for LED market activities was mentioned more than double over any other response.

“Some of the jump in satisfaction can be attributed to the positive market environment,” said Tom Morrow, SEMI vice president of marketing and expositions. “Last year, the survey was conducted during the lowest industry bookings quarter in over a decade. However, this is the sixth year of the survey and these results are good confirmation that many of the new programs and changes over the past three years are being well received.”

From more information on the annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, please contact Tom Morrow at or your regional SEMI office.

August 3, 2010