SEMI Members Earn Intel Suppliers Award

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SEMI Members Earn Intel Suppliers Award

Intel has announced the 2008 winners of its awards for Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) and Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI). Forty key suppliers from thousands of supply-chain partners received the awards. Recipients ranged from capital equipment manufacturers to materials, components, and service providers.

Intel's top award, the Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement (SCQI) Award, is now in its 22nd year. Recipients had to score at least 95% on a list of performance and ability goals— including cost, quality, availability, delivery, technology, and responsiveness— over the past year. Eight of the fourteen 2008 SCQI awards were awarded to SEMI members:

  • DEK International GmBh (printing machines)
  • Disco Corp. (precision cutting, grinding, polishing equipment)
  • Hitachi High-Technologies Corp. (etchers, CD-SEM, defect inspection tools)
  • Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc. (diffusion furnaces)
  • ICOS Vision Systems NV (automated visual inspection equipment)
  • JSR Corp. (advanced photoresists, packaging materials, adhesives)
  • Nikon Corp. (lithography scanners, for technology development and high-volume manufacturing)
  • SUMCO Corporation (200 mm and 300 mm polished and epitaxial silicon wafers)

Another 26 suppliers scored better than 80% to earn Intel's 2008 Preferred Quality Supplier (PQS) Award, and half of these suppliers are SEMI members. The 13 SEMI members who received the 2008 PQS award are:

  • AceCo Precision Manufacturing (fab spares and refurbishment)
  • Asyst Technologies Inc. (automated material handling systems)
  • Dow Corning Corp. (electronic adhesives)
  • FUJIFILM Electronic Materials (advanced chemistry, equipment for semiconductor device manufacturing)
  • Ibiden Co., Ltd. (flip-chip substrate packages)
  • Linde Electronics (ultrahigh-purity gases and chemicals, onsite services)
  • Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (multilayer ceramic capacitors, inductors, ferrite beads, wireless modules)
  • Nippon Mining & Metals Co. Ltd. (sputtering targets for physical vapor deposition)
  • Praxair Electronics (electronic process and bulk gases, sputtering targets, spare parts management)
  • Rofin-Baasel (laser mark equipment)
  • Senju Metal Industry Co. Ltd. (soldering materials)
  • Tokyo Electron Ltd. (semiconductor production equipment)
  • Tyco Electronics (CPU sockets, connectors, passive components)

All awardees must adhere to a "challenging" improvement plan and a quality/business systems assessment, as well as comply with the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct and Intel's Green Sustainability Program.

In 1987, Intel launched the SCQI program to improve the systems and output of key suppliers. The goal was to minimize the amount of time and money spent inspecting incoming material, goods, and services purchased.

March 12, 2009