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Semiconductor, LED, and MEMS Fabs and Foundries


Semiconductor, LED, and MEMS fabs and foundries play a vital role in the industry. Over the years, there have been sizeable investments in the building of these complex front-end fabs. Also, there have been fabs that have invested in converting the fabs to accommodate larger wafer sizes changes as well as changes in technology nodes. Just recently, there has been news about fabs that have started to spend again in the area of capital equipment.

As more of these wafer fabs are built (or converted), information is needed to analyze the investment requirements, construction spending, semiconductor equipment spending, first silicon, geometries (technology nodes), volume production, and upgrades/expansion.

The SEMI databases deliver the latest fab trends and a complete analysis on semiconductor fabs and foundries worldwide and are ideal resources to empower your market research. Identify target customers and analyze both investment and technology trends with a comprehensive and dynamic range of information designed to help meet your market research needs faster and easier than ever.

 The SEMI Fab databases uses a bottom-up approach methodology, providing high-level summaries and graphs; and in-depth analyses of capital expenditures, wafer fab capacities, technology and products by fab. Additionally, our World Fab Forecast database provides forecasts for the next 18 months by quarter. These tools are invaluable for understanding how the semiconductor manufacturing will look in 2012, 2013 and 2014, and learning more about CAPEX for construction projects, fab equipping, wafer capacity, technology levels, and products.





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Semiconductor Fabs 
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Fab Database Products

World Fab Forecast


World Fab Watch

Opto / LED Fab Watch

Coverage: 3 years of data; Quarterly forecast for the next 18 months

Coverage: 2 years of data; Quarterly forecast for the next 18 months.

Coverage: Includes previous quarter (no quarterly forecast).

Coverage: Optoelectronics and LED frontend fabs (no quarterly forecast).

Detail of all fabs including ones that have or will have spending plans (constructing and equipping). Includes closed fabs for the period.

Detail of only fabs that have committed to spending (constructing and/or equipment spending).

Provides previous quarter summary of all fabs including fabs that will be closed.

Provides an overview of the global Opto and High Brightness (HB) LED fabs for the prior quarter.

Semiconductor, LED, Optoelectronics, MEMS, and R&D fabs

Semiconductor, LED, Optoelectronics, MEMS, and R&D fabs

Semiconductor, LED, Optoelectronics, MEMS, and R&D fabs

LED and Optoelectronics fabs only

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Semiconductor Fabs

LED Fabs 

Interactive Map of Semiconductor Fabs


Map: North American - 300 mm Semiconductor Frontend Fabs

Map: Japan - 300 mm Semiconductor Frontend Fabs

Map: Southeast Asia - 200 mm / 300 mm Frontend Fabs

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Tutorial - Tables/Graphs

Tutorial - Pivot Tables

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Need customized data?

 Don’t see what you need? We can work with you to create a custom database tailor to your needs and budget. The following are custom reports that can be created:

  • Fab Transitional Report (listing of fabs to-be-sold, sold, closed, and maybe closed)
  • Historical Fab Report (spending per fab and wafer capacity from 1994 – 2013)
  • Fab Construction and Equipping Spending Trend (1996-2013)
  • Regional Wafer Fab Capacity Report (2000 – 2013)
  • Active 200mm and 300 mm Semiconductor Fabs

Please contact Ed Hall ( for additional info.