SEMICON Japan Goes Green

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SEMICON Japan Goes Green: Event to Use Renewable Energy

An event the size of SEMICON Japanuses a lot of electricity. This year, the 4,600-booth exhibition, programs and events will consume roughly 30,000 kWh. Under a trial project, 90 percent of that will come from renewable energy sources qualifying SEMI for Green Power Certification from the Japan Natural Energy Company.

According to the Japan Natural Energy Company, “the Green Power Certification System is a scheme for encouraging corporate and other customers to use natural energy as one of their voluntary measures for energy conservation and environmental protection (source: Japan Natural Energy Company).” The company, formed by a group of major Japanese power companies, provides power generation services to customers using natural energy sources. Depending on the amount of electricity generated, customers are awarded a Green Power Certificate in recognition of their efforts to protect the environment.


The three-day event consumes 30,000kWh.


The idea to use renewable energy was inspired by other SEMI initiatives and industry trends, and was enthusiastically supported by the SEMICON Japan advisory and operations committees. In recent years, the semiconductor industry has been paying increasing attention to EHS, and SEMI has responded through the Global Careinitiative. Also, with PV activities gaining momentum, and the new PVJapan 2008event to be launched next year, it was felt that more needed to be done to reduce the environmental footprint of SEMICON Japan.

SEMICON Japan 2007—Environment-Related Exhibits, Programs and Events

SEMI Feature Zone: toward an EcoTech Future

New at SEMICON Japan this year is a special eco-themed zone. The feature zone organized by SEMI is called “Towards an EcoTech Future” and is dedicated to introducing some initiatives through which the semiconductor industry is contributing to solve environmental problems, leading us into a future where ecology and technology can coexist.

Towards an EcoTech Future is located in front of the Main Stage in the Innovation Hall.

One of the zone’s three areas focuses on ways in which devices are being used in environmentally-friendly applications, featuring an exhibit of the Honda FCX CONCEPT fuel cell car.


SEMI Global Environment Symposium

Environmental consideration is essential for corporate sustainability and some companies are making the consideration a core business strategy. The SEMI Global Environment Symposiumprovides a perspective based on recent international meetings in the industry, the latest accomplishments by industry associations, and the current revision of SEMI S23 that is widely used to assess the energy efficiency of equipment. A featured speaker, Prof. Kiminori Gemba, Ritsumeikan University, will discuss environmental consideration and corporate competitiveness from a standpoint of environmental accounting.

SEMI Technology Symposium (STS) Special Session: ITRS Public Conference

The STS special session ITRS Public Conference explains the newly released version of ITRS 2007, starting with Overall Roadmap Technology Characteristics and followed by working group presentations: Process Integration, Devices, and Structures; RF and Analog/Mixed-signal Technologies for Wireless; Emerging Research Devices (ERD); Emerging Research Materials (ERM); Metrology; System Drivers and Design; Environment, Safety, and Health; Front End Processes,; Test and Test Equipment; Interconnect; Factory Integration; Yield Enhancement; Lithography; Modeling and Simulation; and Assembly and Packaging. Please see the SEMICON Japan website for more information on SEMI Technology Symposium (STS) 2007.

International EHS Compliance and Regulatory Seminar

To comply with national, regional and international chemical regulations, our industry is required to manage chemical substances throughout the supply chain. The International EHS Compliance and Regulatory Seminarwill focus on recent and upcoming chemical legislation helping attendees develop compliance strategies:

  • PFOS: proposed to be restricted as a persistent organic pollutant,
  • The REACH Rule System’s potential impacts on our industry, and
  • China RoHS implementation after March 2007.

SEMICON Japan 2007 will be held December 5–7 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. For more information, please visit Pre-registration for the exhibition, programs and events is currently underway.