U.S. Public Policy News Archive

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U.S. Public Policy News Archive

    Chairman Releases U.S. Tax Reform Draft (Mar 2014)

    Obama State of the Union Address Highlights Multiple SEMI Priorities (Feb 2014)

    SEMI Testifies in Support of U.S. Manufacturing Legislation (Jan 2014)

    2013 Public Policy: SEMI Supports Opportunity for Members (Dec 2013)

    SEMI Testifies at House Manufacturing Caucus (Nov 2013)

    SEMI Commends Introduction of Advanced Manufacturing Legislation (Sept 2013)

    SEMI Hosts Global IP Summit at SEMICON West (Aug 2013)

    SEMI Commends U.S. Senators Brown and Blunt for Bipartisan Problem-Solving and Introduction of Advanced Manufacturing Bill (Aug 2013)

    Export Control: Two New Web-Based Tools (July 2013)

    SEMI Hosts IP Protection Workshop for Members (July 2013)

    U.S. Semiconductor Market Poised for Long-Term Growth (June 2013)

    High-Skilled Immigration Reform-- Best Opportunity since 2007 (June 2013)

    President Obama Visits Applied Materials (May 2013)

    SEMI Hosts Washington Forum 2013; Industry Execs Bring Policy Priorities to Lawmakers (May 2013)

    SEMI Applauds President Obama’s Planned Visit to Applied Materials in Austin (May 2013)

    Update: EU Policy Developments Impact SEMI Members (May 2013)

    Export Control Reform Regulations Published (May 2013)

    SEMI Members Urge Obama and Congress to Enact High-Skilled Immigration Reform (Apr 2013)

    SEMI Members and other Leading High-Tech Executives Urge President Obama and Congress to Enact High-Skilled Immigration Reform (Mar 2013)

    "Global Trade War and Peace": SEMI Calls for Constructive Action on Solar Trade Dispute (Mar 2013)

    President Obama Delivers 2013 State of the Union Address; Highlights Many SEMI Priorities (Mar 2013)

    North America: New Board Member and Leadership Positions for 2013-2014 (Feb 2013)

    High-Skilled Immigration Reform Debate (Feb 2013)

    SEMI Applauds Approval of Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) for Russia (Jan 2013)


    Beyond the Fiscal Cliff: 2012 Successes, Hopes for 2013 (Dec 2012)

    SEMI Releases Additional Intellectual Property Survey Information (Nov 2012)      

    Washington Update: Congress Leaves Unfinished Business before November Elections (Oct 2012)

    SEMI Members Meet with U.S. DOE on SSL Policy (Sep 2012)

    Export Control: SEMI Submits Industry Comments on BIS "Specially Designed" Rule (Sep 2012)

    Delegation of SEMI Members Meet with DOE on Solid State Lighting Policy (Sep 2012)

    U.S Commerce Department Implements 2011 Wassenaar Aragement Update (Aug 2012)

    IP Survey Results and White Paper (Jul 2012)

    SEMI Hosts Annual "Washington Forum-- Brings American Board to Washington, D.C. to Meet with Policymakers (Jun 2012)

    Capitol Commentary: IP Challenges Theatening Innovation (May 2012)

    SEMI Educates Policymakers on 450mm Transition

    SEMI Advocates Bold Action to Expand U.S Solar manufacturing

    President Obama Releases 2013 Budget;Advanced Manufacturing and Clean Energy Highlighted

    State of the Union: President Obama Addresses Many SEMI Issues in Annual Speech

    On Heading Up SEMI--a Strong Association


    2011 Year in Review

    Major Patent Reform Finalized

    Congress Returns to Washington to Face Deadlines, Same Issues

    SEMI Urges Lawmakers to Support Vital Programs

    President Obama says High Tech Manufacturing is the Key to Growth

    Help SEMI Eliminate Tariffs 

    Industry Experts Lobby on Capitol Hill

    SEMI Export Control Proposals Implemented by the U.S.


    SEMI Hosts Successful 2010 Washington Forum

    America Competes Act: Letter from SEMI North America President to U.S. House of Representatives

    U.S. Government Announces Major Export Control Reform Initiative

    The Industry Heads to Washington

    Progress in PV and LEDs Intertwined with Public Policy

    The Green Bank: Financing America’s Transition to a Clean Energy Economy

    SEMI PV Group Solar Policy, March 2010

    Obama Releases FY2011 Budget: What’s in it for our Industry?

    2010 ISS Blue Chip Panel

    SEMI Export Control Proposals Approved Globally

    Can Government Help High Tech and Spur Economic Growth?

    Key Solar Policy Webcast: Importance of Feed-in Tariffs in Driving Global PV Demand

    Feed-in Tariffs: Best Way to a Sustainable Solar Future (White Paper)

    What a Year in Washington D.C.


    SEMI U.S. Public Policy: Summary of Federal and State Opportunities

    Creating New Horizons

    Just Another Industry Crisis

    SEMI PV Group Hosts PV Lobby Day

    Solar Policy in the U.S

    SEMI PV Group Announces PV Lobby Day

    Feed-In Tariffs Have Earned a Role in U.S. Energy Policy

    U.S. Stimulus News for Solar: Tax credits and Grants in Lieu of ITC

    “Up Periscope”

    Jobs More Important than Price per Watt for Key Policy Makers

    Staying on Top of Grant Opportunities

    Focus on the Future

    Clean Energy: U.S. House Passes Legislation

    Invent the Future

    Understanding the Global Reach of U.S. Export Regulations

    Advanced Manufacturing in the U.S.— Worth Fighting For

    U.S. Stimulus Update: Funding Opportunities from the U.S. Government

    Capitol Commentary

    Final Stimulus Package Offers Opportunities for SEMI Members

    Government Grants for the Private Sector— Find Out More Now

    The SEMI Lobbying Campaign for the Economic Stimulus Bill

    SEMI Letter to the Obama Transition Team

    Capitol Commentary

    President-Elect Faces Numerous Critical IssuesTwo Major Victories Cap a Busy Year

    New Policy Focus for Solar Energy after ITC Extension

    SEMI Interview: John Lushetsky, Solar Energy Technology Program, U.S. Dept of Energy

    New Export Controls Announced—Ensure your Compliance!

    SEMI Brussels Forum

    Capitol Commentary

    Never a Dull Moment on Capitol Hill

    MKS Instruments CEO Testifies before the House Small Business Committee

    SEMI to Congressional Leaders: Extend the Solar Tax Credit Now

    SEMI Forms PV Public Policy Working Group

    Broad Coalition Calls on Congress to Fix Tax Extenders Credit before Leaving

    Capitol Commentary

    Election 2008: SEMI Position Statement

    PROFILE: John McCain

    PROFILE: Barack Obama

    Good News from Washington—Boost in Science Agency Funds

    Pushing for Extension of the R&D and Solar Energy Tax Credits

    An Opportunity for Grants: Solar America Initiative

    National Nanotech Initiative Passes U.S. House

    Innovation at Risk: Webcast on Intellectual Property

    Capitol Commentary

    Economic Stimulus Plan Provides Bonus Depreciation

    R&D Funding: Mixed Results for 2007; Better Outlook for 2008

    Alternative Energy Tax Credits
    Patent Reform Bill Could See Action

    SEMI Export Control Seminar in Shanghai

    Deemed Exports under Review