Government Grants for the Private Sector— Find Out More Now

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Government Grants for the Private Sector— Find Out More Now

The stimulus bill provides increased funding for government grants that are available to the private sector. SEMI encourages companies interested in grants to start preparing now and consider doing initial outreach to government agencies. Agencies are expected to quickly release requests for proposals. The government plans to act with urgency and get these funds disbursed quickly to provide immediate economic stimulus.

Deadlines for grant applications could be as short as 30 days for formula-based funds, 90 days for competitive grants and 120 days for new competitive grant programs. Decision-making also is expected to move quickly. SEMI is preparing a more detailed summary of grant opportunities. Companies interested in government grants are encouraged to contact the SEMI Washington office (

More Opportunities Coming

We expect other legislative activities this year that could provide opportunities for companies. The Senate and House Energy Committees already are working on an energy bill and hope to make substantial progress by this spring. The bill likely will focus on a cap-and-trade carbon emissions system but could also include a renewable portfolio standard requiring a percentage of electricity to be generated from renewables, changes to the DOE loan guarantee program, creation of a Clean Energy Bank and other issues.

In addition, the annual appropriations process is heating up with FY09 funding soon to be finalized and the FY10 budget proposal due soon. Congress may also take up a tax extenders bill to deal with items like the R&D tax credit which is scheduled to expire at the end of the year.

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Feb 19, 2009