Recognizing Regional EHS Leadership

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EHS Advantage Newsletter
From The Director
September, 2009

Recognizing Regional EHS Leadership

    There are individuals in our industry, who— through talent, desire, and hard work— have distinguished themselves as leaders in the effort to improve the performance of environmental protection, business sustainability and employee health and safety within the high-technology industries (Semiconductor, MEMS, FPD, SSL and PV).

    I am announcing in this Advantage Newsletter that the SEMI EHS Division has inaugurated a regional “EHS Leadership Award”. This Award will recognize environmental and safety professionals anywhere in the world who embody the term “EHS Leader.” By leader, I mean someone who, through their actions, influences the actions of others. They engage people both intellectually and emotionally and inspire them to work safety, respect the environment, provide positive EHS contributions to the communities in which they live and work, and seek to be a responsible steward of earth’s resources. A leader is analytical in thought and strategic in actions, and works across business functions and company/governmental boundaries to resolve EHS challenges and share solutions.

Dr. Shuh Woei Yu – EHS Leader

    The 2009 SEMI EHS Leadership Award is being presented to Dr. Shuh Woei Yu, Professor at the Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Central University, in Taiwan.


Dr. Yu is being recognized for his exceptional and sustained EHS contributions in the SEMI Taiwan Region. The Award is being given for his dedication and tireless efforts in support of chemical process safety, occupational safety and health risk management, and SEMI Taiwan EHS and standards working groups. His distinguished EHS career includes:

  • Chairman of the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association (TSIA) EHS Committee
  • Organizer of the first workshop ever held in Taiwan on semiconductor safety management
  • Active promoter on the application of the SEMI S2 Guideline (semiconductor manufacturing equipment safety) among Taiwan semiconductor manufacturers
  • Introduction of semiconductor Incident Command System and emergency response planning training in Taiwan
  • Leadership in the creation of a 24-hour Emergency Response Information Center (ERIC) in Taiwan
  • Development of risk ranking methodology to assist Taiwan’s semiconductor and flat panel display industries in compliance with the Council of Labor Affairs’ process safety management-based regulation
  • Development of semiconductor PFC emission process measurement technology.
  • Chairman of the EHS session of the International Display Manufacturing Conference
  • Leader of the team that created the SEMI S26 Guideline (flat panel display equipment safety guideline)
  • Active involvement in the project to translate SEMI EHS guidelines into Mandarin for availability of Mandarin speaking engineers throughout Asia

    Dr. Yu’s career includes: professor of Chemical Engineering Department of the National Central University (chemical process safety); Chairman of Safety and Health Technology Center (SAHTECH); general director of the Center for Industrial Safety and Health Technology Development, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI); recipient of the Council of Labor Affairs’ National Safety Award of 2007 in the Personal Contribution Category.

    Dr. Yu is truly a champion of environmental protection and employee health and safety within the high technology industries. On behalf of SEMI, our congratulations to you and your EHS achievements. We look forward to your continued leadership.

    September 21, 2009