SEMI EHS International Compliance and Regulatory Committee Sets 2010 Agenda

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SEMI EHS International Compliance and Regulatory Committee Sets 2010 Agenda

By Mark Frankfurth

As a co-chair of the SEMI EHS International Compliance and Regulatory Committee (ICRC) with fellow co-chair Sunny Rai, I would like to present the industry with a committee update.

[Note: The ICRC is a volunteer committee working collaboratively on important EHS issues. ICRC members identify industry needs, share information, and create tools to assist the industry in attaining EHS and other regulatory objectives. We do this from the perspective of semiconductor equipment and materials, PV, FPD, and nanotechnology suppliers to the industry. In partnership with device makers, we monitor and anticipate industry EHS needs. The ICRC has co-equal branches located in North America and Japan. More information about the ICRC is located on the Committee webpage.]

It appears that the year has started strongly, and optimism for 2010 is as abundant as our relief that 2009 passed.

The leaders of the ICRC congratulate the members for their success during a very tough year in 2009, and we admire the perseverance and resilience you demonstrated. We hope that 2010 is healthy, successful, and prosperous for you, your families, and your companies.

As we rebuild our industry, companies, divisions, and departments after the recession, we encourage you to participate in the ICRC and similar networking groups to draw strength and knowledge from your peers and colleagues. The collective awareness and experience is tremendously helpful ... and a measure of empathy from those with the same challenges can be priceless for mental health!

In recent months, the ICRC has addressed a number of high-profile industry-wide regulatory concerns. Highlights of recent agenda topics included:

  • The great work the RoHS Working Group (WG) is doing to preserve the Large Scale Industrial Tool (LSIT) exception in re-writes of the RoHS Directive.
  • An excellent roundtable on the new EU Machinery Directive issues now that the Directive is in effect (2010). Thank you to the many contributors!
  • Regulatory updates including the extension of EN954-1 for safety interlocking, IEC 60204-33, and UL 508 standards revision.
  • Updates on EU REACH, EPA, and Climate Change regulations as they progress (new SVHC's under REACH to review for impact).

Looking to the future, the ICRC will continue to address the major topics of 2008 and 2009. The issues that members identified in these years are still valid, along with new concerns that come along.

Our concerns are still:

  • NFPA 79 AWM changes, SCCR, IEC 60204-33, EU Machinery Directive, hazardous exposures
  • LVD, PED, EMC, fall protection, shock
  • ROHS, REACH, Material Declaration, JIG
  • EuP, WEEE, batteries, PFOS, nanomaterials
  • Personal, workforce & organizational rebuilding, Semiconductor, PV, and FPD

If you have feedback on the ICRC or its activities, please communicate these to Sanjay Baliga (SEMI Senior Manager in San Jose) at or Junko Washino (SEMI Senior Manager in Tokyo) at

On behalf of my fellow co-chair (Sunny Rai), I thank you. Let's all have a great 2010 for ICRC and the world of electrical / electronic products!

Mark Frankfurth


March 12, 2010