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Notchless Wafer Standard Approved: 450mm Standards Update  
450mm notchless wafer standardization effort has been under discussion for over a year.  Driven by the G450C, the proposed changes will improve wafer symmetry, but more importantly, increase the utilization of wafer surface area. The International Polished Wafer and International 450mm Wafer Task Forces led the effort to add a 450mm notchless wafer specification.  (SEMI, Mar 2015)

450mm Update on SEMI Standards 
SEMI Standards task forces are working on encouraging the industry to collaborate on key issues like the technical parameters for 450mm silicon wafers, physical interfaces, carriers, assembly and packaging. SEMI has 13 task forces working on 450mm -- with 19 450mm standards and 15 more in the pipeline. (SEMI, Dec 2014)

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SEMICON Day 3: Leti, Intel Keynote, 450mm (Pic!) and Innovation Keynote (SemiWiki, July 15)

Nikon Announces 450 mm ArF Immersion Scanner at SUNY Polytechnic Institute is Transitioning to Wafer Patterning (Bloomberg, July 9)

450mm Focus Goes West (Elec Weekly, May 28)

Event at upcoming SEMICON West 2015: Update on Industry Status of 450mm

First-of-its-Kind 450mm Immersion Lithography Tool Installed at SUNY Poly's Albany NanoTech Campus (AZNano, Apr 16)

Flexible Facilities for 450mm Facilities (SST, Apr 7)

Israeli Consortium to Sign $2.9M Agreement with SUNY Poly CNSE to Develop Critical Tools for Industry Transition to 450mm Technology (SUNY CNSE, Mar 3)

Hidden Costs of Toxic Gas Abatement (F450C, Feb 4)

Enable 450 Newsletter -- (F. Horizons, funded by EC; Jan 2015) 

EU Semi Funding “As Healthy As It Has Ever Been”, says Bryant (Elec Weekly, Jan 22)

Challenges to Process Optimization and Yield (F450C, Dec 10)

Entegris Launches Next Generation of 450mm Wafer Carriers (SST, Dec 3)

Fab Plan Filed, Not Set (TimesUnion, Oct 28)

450mm Standards Update: Oct 2014 (SEMI, Oct 13)

450mm Development Status Reports from SEMICON West 2014 (SEMI, Aug 5) 

Pfeiffer Vacuum joins the Facilities 450mm Consortium (SST, Aug 20)

450mm Development Status Reports from SEMICON West 2014 (SEMI, Aug 5)

EUV is Key to 450mm Wafers (SemiEngin, July 31)

What Happened to 450mm? (SemiEngin, July 17)

G450C GM Paul Farrar Discusses First 450mm Patterned Wafer, Progress at SEMICON West 2014 (July 10)

NanoCollege Unveils First Patterned 450mm Wafer (TimesUnion, July 8)

450mm Technology Development Update at SEMICON West 2014 (Agenda for Thursday, July 10)

Chad Industries will demonstrate flexible automated wafer handling for 450mm wafers at SEMICON West  (June 12)

NanoCollege Taking the “Notch” out of Chip Wafers  (TimesUnion, June 12)

EUV Nudges toward 10nm (EE Times, June 5)

Interview with: Christophe Maleville (Soitec) on Wafers in the FD-SOI Supply Chain (Semi. Mfg and Design, June)

Is 450mm Dead in the Water? (SemiEngin, May 15)

Metro450 Conference 2014 Discusses all Things 450mm Wafers (Pradeep Blog, May 8)

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July 14-16: SEMICON West 2015

July 15: Update on Industry Status of 450mm (SEMICON West, TechXPOT South, South Hall)

Sept 3-5: SEMICON Taiwan 2015

Oct 6-8: SEMICON Europa 2015

Dec 16-18: SEMICON Japan 2015

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From SEMICON Europa 2014 (Oct 2014)

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Global 450mm Consortium (G450C)

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semi standards

Notchless Wafer Standard Approved (SEMI, Feb 2015)

450mm Update on SEMI Standards (SEMI, Feb 2015)

450mm Standards Update (SEMI, Feb 2015)

450mm Standards Update (SEMI, Oct 2014)

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