Yield Enhancement Workgroup Outcome

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Yield Enhancement Workgroup

The breakout session on April 1st was largely spent leveling given a large number of new attendees to the WG. The WG problem statement breaks down into the following areas:

#1: ATE Control Interface Definition

The traditional notion of test program flow has become antiquated given emerging trends in data collection, analysis and adaptive control in advanced processes. Automation and yield tools require a new level of control over the test program in order to extract results, make decisions and modify test parameters or flow in order to adapt to the unique requirements of each Device Under Test (DUT).

Each tester has a unique software environment and therefore unique methods for test program sequence control, decisions, branching and parameter control. Lack of convergence in tester software interfaces drives complexity and risk into the automation and yield tools that interface with the tester to provide the control algorithms.

An area of opportunity is in definition of a standard software API to enable external control of the test program.

#2: Yield Tool Data Interchange

The trend of disaggregation within the semiconductor manufacturing environment continues to accelerate with more traditional IDMs aligning to outsource models for at least a portion of product portfolios. The need to efficiently share and consume manufacturing data to enable yield optimization for advanced process technologies is growing. Combining this need for data exchange with the increase in company to company transactions creates a significant opportunity for standards definition for test and/or yield data.

As DFM moves from an IDM core competency to the OSAT environment, unit level tracking, yield learning and adaptive test requirements drive data exchange among manufacturing process steps. It is not reasonable to assume that every manufacturer will support every set of tools. Without standards for data transfer, significant translation effort will be required to source and consume data from the unique environments of each manufacturer involved in each finished product.

Next Steps

There was general agreement in the session with respect to the problem statements. Need input from the manufacturers of yield tools to determine the opportunity and motivation to attack the standards opportunities in this area.