Test Cell Communications Workgroup Outcome

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Test Cell Communications Workgroup

The discussion/brain storming centered on two main topics - Architecture and Approach

1) Architecture

  • the most part, the different architectures are contained in the attached slide set.
  • Wafer sort, the main approach involved a test cell controller where the communication to that controller was less important - it was recognized that the latency introduced by a central controller did not affect wafer probe as much as handle-based operation in final test).
  • final test, the architecture involved two variations
  • test cell controller augmented by direct communications between the tester and the handler
  • point-to-point scheme where data paths exist between all (or most) entities in the cell.
  • parts of the architecture that would benefit from standardization include:
    • to the outside world - SECS/GEM was recognized as having speed issues internal to the cell but has advantages as the point of communication to the outside world.
    • for the individual pieces of equipment need to be extensible (XML type application?) - this will allow for differentiation in a standardized world and prevent a situation where communication in constrained to the "lowest common denominator".
    • interfaces - this may be best served as a web application - offers simplicity in development coupled with extensibility.
    • for OEE data collection, jam information, index time etc would also be good targets for the architecture
    • into configuration management of the equipment and Adaptive test management.

      2) Approach

      This part of the discussion centered what would be the best approach to providing the fasted results from the group:

    • of messages and message sequences - generation of a high level specification. From that generate sub-specification for related conditions (like the physical interface).
    • representatives from IDM's and Test Houses
      • - gain insight into in-houce test cell development and issues
      • Houses - gain insight in to any issues related to rapid change overs
      • of wafer prober and handler companies is a must for the success of this workgroup.