Docking and Mounting Workgroup Outcome

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CAST Technical Conference

April 1, 2009

Docking Working Group Technical Session Summary

Key components of working group value proposition:

    1. Working group composition and agenda will be customer driven against key productivity metrics such as cost of test, OEE, and capital cost

    2. R&D and time-to-market savings will be quantifiable for suppliers and customers

    3. Focus areas will provide R&D and time-to-market savings without impacting the ability of suppliers and customers to innovate and develop IP to provide additional cost and efficiency benefits

Docking Segmentation:

    1. Mechanical Interfaces

    a. Mounting

    b. Alignment

    c. Latching

    2. Electrical

    a. Signal Delivery

    b. Test Cell communication hardware

    3. Software

    a. Test Cell Communication

    b. Data Transfer

Key areas for initial focus:

    1. Close on terminology of docking and interface components and technical references for communication among tester and material handler suppliers

    2. Standardization of a superset of alignment and mounting features on probers and handlers that production interface solutions will use

Issues and trends identified for consideration:

    1. Double-sided packaging for stacked die applications

    2. Cost of standards development

    a. Must trade off cost to simplify designs Vs. cost elimination that will be realized by customers and suppliers in the future

    3. Handler companies need to play a key role

    a. Working group needs to identify key companies and handler models for inclusion in the focused work

    4. ITRS roadmap, and the impact on requirements for interface standards and solutions going forward.

Group Structure:

    1. Core team should have the following membership composition:

    a. Tester company representation: 4-5

    b. Handler companies: 2-5

    c. Customers: 2-4, inclusive of IDM’s, Subcons, and Fabless customers

    d. 3rd party interface suppliers: 2

Sequence of Activity: