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Secondary Equipment & Applications -- Renewing Technologies

The Secondary Equipment & Applications special interest group supports members in the global secondary market for semiconductor equipment. SEMI provides both the forum and leadership so companies can confidently participate in an open, informed and professional environment for the secondary equipment market.

Under this special interest group, secondary market activities are integrated with other SEMI programs, events, products, and initiatives. 


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Upcoming Events

Feb 4-6

SEMICON Korea 2015

March 17-19

SEMICON China 2015: Secondary Equipment Applications, Service, and Fab Productivity Solutions Conference and Pavilion

April 22-24

SEMICON Southeast Asia 2015

July 14-16

SEMICON West 2015

Sept 2-4

SEMICON Taiwan 2015

Recent Past Events

Dec 3-5, 2014 

Oct 17, 2014

Oct 6-9, 2014

Sept 3-5, 2014

July 8-10, 2014

SEMICON Japan 2014

SEMI Arizona Fall Breakfast Forum: 200mm: Thing of the Past? Not so Fast!

SEMICON Europa 2014: features 18th Fab Mgrs Forum: Improving Productivity and  session Secondary Equipment: Fundamental to European Competitiveness?

SEMICON Taiwan 2014: Secondary Market Pavilion

SEMICON West 2014: Secondary Equipment for Mobile & Diversified Applications