Member Needs Shape New SEMI Structure

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Member Needs Shape New SEMI Structure

SEMI Reorganization Addresses Increasing Complexity and Diversity of SEMI Member Needs

By Stanley Myers, president and CEO, SEMI

A lot has changed at SEMI in the last ten years. Two critical transformations come to mind: SEMI members are increasingly diverse and the markets that we serve have become incredibly wide-ranging. Modern silicon manufacturing technology is no longer limited to ICs. The science used to make microchips is enabling advances in solar cells, high-brightness LEDs, fuel cells, micro-machines, medical devices, and a growing array of new products built on semiconductor technology. Simply said, semiconductor science is the enabling technology that makes modern life possible.

As evidence of these changes, the SEMI PV Group is comprised of approximately 500 members, including many of the top cell and module makers in the world. In LEDs and MEMS, SEMI holds manufacturing forums and pavilions at nearly every SEMICON exposition around the world, and in printed/organic electronics we are partnering with organizations in Europe, Asia, and the US to help advance the technology to commercial deployment. Today, virtually every IC, solar cell, LED, and MEMS device is made with equipment and materials from SEMI member companies.

Reorganization Approved by the Board of Directors

Related to these trends, approximately one year ago, the SEMI Board of Directors initiated a process to review and recommend potential changes to the mission, charter, scope, operations, and organization of the global trade organization. We interviewed hundreds of members about their needs, critical issues, and SEMI service priorities. Culminating this analysis, during the recent July meeting, the SEMI Board of Directors approved a reorganization into three business units to achieve better accountability and improved member service in the primary market areas of semiconductor ICs, PV solar, and related markets such as high-brightness LEDs, FPDs, MEMS/MST, and printed and flexible electronics. The three new business units will be responsible for developing and delivering member services on a global basis through SEMI regional offices based in China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, North America, Russia, Taiwan and Singapore.

While semiconductor manufacturing technology and our members have brought SEMI to other industries, it is also critical to reconfirm and underscore our commitment to the semiconductor supply chain. The IC industry is facing significant challenges in scaling, wafer transition, profitability, globalization and industry consolidation. Now more than ever, SEMI platforms for collaboration and industry advocacy need to be effective, efficient and focused on critical member needs. By establishing a dedicated business unit for semiconductor ICs, I believe our mission and charter to serve semiconductor supply chain can best be accomplished.

Three New Business Units

The three new business units will be responsible for developing and delivering member services on a global basis through SEMI regional offices based in China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, North America, Russia, Taiwan and Singapore.

Semiconductor IC Business Unit

Jonathan Davis, formerly president of SEMI North America, now serves as president of the Semiconductor IC Business Unit with global profit and loss responsibility for the business unit, including all SEMICON expositions, market research and statistics programs, and SEMI International Standards.

PV Business Unit

Dan Martin continues to lead the PV Group, now recognized as a dedicated SEMI business unit, with Bettina Weiss who is taking on new global responsibilities as executive director, PV Group.

Emerging and Adjacent Market Business Unit

Tom Morrow now directs the activities of the Emerging and Adjacent Markets Business Unit, which will include high-brightness LEDs, MEMS/MST, FPDs, and printed and flexible electronics. He adds these responsibilities to his role as chief marketing officer.

New President of SEMI Americas

As part of these organizational changes, Karen Savala succeeds Jonathan Davis as president of SEMI Americas. She assumes responsibility for serving member needs and delivering member services, including events, products/services and advocacy, in the U.S. and pan-Americas region. She is responsible for relationships with SEMI members as well as industry, government and academia in the region.

Karen has worked at SEMI since 1984 in a variety of managerial and executive roles, including positions in International Standards, executive programs, publishing, and outreach and membership. She established the “Voice of the Customer” program which helped drive product and service improvements to improve SEMI member satisfaction. Karen is a key member of the SEMI global executive staff, and I’m glad that she will lead our activities in SEMI Americas region. She’s a real asset serving SEMI member interests in the Americas due to her many years of experience at SEMI and her strong industry relationships.

We’ve all heard the famous JFK quote, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” I am convinced that this reorganization is the right course of action for SEMI and that it will lead the way to a better future for SEMI and all its members. Please let me know if you have questions about SEMI or the recent reorganization.

September 7, 2010