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Extreme Electronics– South Hall

Wednesday, July 14, 2010, 2:00pm–4:30pm

More Lumens per Dollar: The Road to More Efficient HB LED
Manufacturing– Progress and Next Challenges in Back-end


Fast growing demand for LEDs for LCD backlights is driving 30% annual growth in the high brightness LED market, headed towards a $20B market by 2014, according to Strategies Unlimited. Next round of growth will come from solid state lighting, but only if better manufacturing technology gets brightness up and costs down enough to make the products competitive in the giant general illumination market.  SEMI programs are unique in their focus on the HB LED device manufacturing technology on which this all depends. This year we offer a whole day of sessions with the companies driving this innovation.



High Power White LED Development for General Lighting
(Presentation in PDF)

Decai Sun, Ph.D. (Biography)
Senior Manager of Illumination Product Development
Philips Lumileds



LED and HBLED Packaging:Technology and Market Trends
(Presentation in PDF)

Jeffrey Perkins (Biography)
Yole, Inc.



Quantum Dot Products for High Efficiency LED Lighting
(Presentation in PDF)

Seth Coe-Sullivan, Ph.D. (Biography)
CTO and Co-Founder
QD Vision


3:00pm–3:20 pm

Wafer-level Packaging for Cost Reduction of High Brightness LEDS
(Presentation in PDF)

Thomas Urhmann (Biography)
Business Development Manager,Compound Semiconductors and Si-based Power Devices
EV Group E. Thallner GmbH



HBLED Testing: A Pathway to Reducing the Cost of Manufacturing
(Presentation in PDF)

Daniel Morrow (Biography)



Lightsheet™ Technology: A Minimalist Approach to Bare Die Electronics
John Daniels (Biography)
President and CEO
Articulated Technologies



Assembly and Reliability Issues for High Brightness LED Packages
(Presentation in PDF)

E. Jan Vardaman (Biography)
TechSearch International


Session Moderator:

Thiloma Perera, Global Marketing Manager, Dow Electronic Materials (Biography)