Webinar Series: HB-LED Manufacturing Growth & Transition—Challenges, Solutions & Opportunities

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LED Webinar Series

Webinar Series: “HB-LED Manufacturing Growth & Transition—Challenges, Solutions & Opportunities”

The SEMI—Yole Développement 3-part webinar series on HB-LED manufacturing will take place on February 9, March 2, and March 23 at 10:00am Pacific (1:00pm Eastern). This seminar series will be among the most comprehensive overviews of LED manufacturing ever presented. The series, HB-LED Manufacturing Growth & Transition: Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities, will cover materials, front end manufacturing and assembly/packaging/test operations in three sessions. This webinar series is an opportunity to learn about the latest technology and manufacturing trends, key challenges in LED cost reduction and productivity challenges, and technology demands.

  • February 9: Substrates & Raw Materials: Status quo?; Sapphire, SiC; Pending crunch?; Indium/Gallium; Trusted friend!; Silicon progress
  • March 2: Front End Manufacturing: Capacity explosion! Epitaxy; Efficiency gains?; Fixing droop effect; Process evolution?; Patterning, Laser lift-off etc.
  • March 23: Testing, Binning and Packaging: Submount choices?; Si vs. Ceramic; Good results?; Testing & Binning; Collective packaging!; C2W, WLP, WL Optics

The webinars are presented by Philippe Roussel, Ph.D. Yole Développement. He leads the Compound Semiconductors market analysis department and also led the development of the 2008 Yole LED Manufacturing Report. Yole Développement is the world leader in the analysis of the microtechnologies and compound semiconductors markets. Yole engages in in-depth analysis of the HB LED market and will issue comprehensive reports on all key aspects of LED manufacturing in 2011.

High visibility, high value sponsorship opportunities are available. For sponsorship information, see the flyer at: www.semi.org/cms/groups/public/documents/web_content/ctr_042811.pdf

No charge for SEMI members. Non-member charge is $99 which includes all three webinars. Register today for all three webinars at https://ams.semi.org/ebusiness/meetings/meeting.aspx?id=1856

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