New at SEMICON Japan: LED Area; Automotive Communication Technology Tokyo Partnership

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New at SEMICON Japan: LED Area; Automotive Communication Technology Tokyo Partnership

The LED industry is experiencing rapid expansion and substantial investment by LED-related equipment and material suppliers globally. LED expansion and new facility projects are starting up over the world. The high-brightness LED (HB-LED) market will see more than 50 percent growth this year, to reach $8.2 billion in revenues, according to Strategies Unlimited. While backlights are the main driver, the second growth area is LEDs for general illumination. Even in the downturn of 2009, the SEMI Opto/LED fab databaserecorded seven new LED fabs coming online. And we expect to see at least five new Opto/LED fabs in 2010 and six more in 2011, respectively.

Source: Cree

MOCVD equipment makers and substrate suppliers are gearing up for expansion this year to fulfill rising demand from LED makers. According to Justin Wang, general manager at Veeco, the market for LED chips has increased due to rising LED demand for TV and other lighting applications. He says that suppliers are speeding up capacity expansion but that metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) equipment supply is still tight. Wang noted that delivery lead times for MOCVD tools can be as long as six months. In addition to MOCVD equipment, shortages of sapphire substrates and chemicals have also constrained the supply of LED chips, Wang commented.

Since it was first held over 30 years ago, SEMICON Japan has changed, adding new exhibit areas and programs to suit the needs of the industry. The process of development continues this year with an important addition to the Next Generation Technology Pavilion and the announcement of a new partner event.

New LED Technology Area

In 2009, the Innovation Hall— an exhibit zone for MEMS, nanotechnology, organic semiconductors and other leading-edge technologies— was re-launched as the Next Generation Technology Pavilion with the addition of an area dedicated to nanoimprint technology. This year, the Pavilion continues to expand with a brand new exhibit area focused on LEDs and related technologies. Following the launch of LED-related exhibits at other SEMICON shows around the globe, this new addition aims to strengthen the service provided by SEMI to this important technology segment. The pavilion will also be home to exhibits on 3D packaging and anti-counterfeiting measures.

Partnering with Automotive Communication Technology Tokyo in 2010

This year, SEMICON Japan will share the Makuhari Messe venue with the 2nd Automotive Communication Technology Tokyo show. Automotive Communication Technology serves technology segments that are highly relevant to SEMICON Japan, its exhibitors and visitors, and it is hoped that exhibitors at both shows will benefit from increased visitor traffic. According to the Automotive Communication Technology Tokyo web site, “Automotive Telecommunication Technology Tokyo [focuses] on the technology and services that relate to the data communications inside vehicles ... and the wireless communications outside vehicles.... The [exposition] aims to create a great opportunity for all of those who relate to the new businesses brought by the progress in Automotive Telecommunication.”

How to Apply for Exhibit Space at SEMICON Japan 2010

Booth applications are currently being accepted for SEMICON Japan 2010 on the web site at Special rates are available for SEMI Members. Contact for details.

About SEMICON Japan 2010

Dates: Wednesday, December 1 – Friday, December, 3
Place: Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

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May 4, 2010