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The products, services and technologies provided by SEMI member companies make possible the bridge between scientific achievement and commercial and societal gain. As new applications, form factors, end products, and social needs emerge, SEMI members will be there to help them become more affordable, more accessible and more productive. SEMI has also helped facilitate the creation of new manufacturing regions by providing advice and council, facilitating collaborations, organizing trade missions, and other activities necessary to integrate market forces, governmental economic policy, education and human capital programs, and financial support.


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The Evolution of UV Photopolymerization

New LED Manufacturing Programs Help SEMI Members Know More, Do More, Sell More

Supplier Opportunities in Printed Electronics

Are LED Manufacturers Adding Too Much Capacity?

SEMI HB-LED Standards Committee Formed; Call for Participants 

MEMS Market Can Expect Steady Growth, Structural Change

Chinese LED Fab Industry Overview

Maturing MEMS Sector Moves toward Common Testing Protocols

The Need for LED Standards

Member Needs Shape New SEMI Structure

Sharply Falling MEMS Prices Spur Rising Demand

LED Investment Momentum to Continue into 2011

Startups Propose Disruptive Technologies to Improve HB LED Performance at Lower Cost

Energy Storage Sector Looks to Solid State Solutions

Cutting Costs of Large-Area Devices: A Serious Look at Hybrid Flexible and Printed Technologies

MEMS Market Report Now Available (Members Only)  

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