All “5 Star” Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers are SEMI Members

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All “5 Star” Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers are SEMI Members

VLSIresearch awarded its “five star” rating to 11 semiconductor equipment manufacturers this year. All 11 five star ratings went to SEMI members. These 11 manufacturers have achieved five stars with “exceptional customer satisfaction across measured categories including cost of ownership, quality of results, product performance, customer service, technical leadership, and commitment.” The star rating system reflects equipment performance and customer service evaluations from equipment users based on the VLSIresearch 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey on Chip Making Equipment. The survey is valid, with 95 percent of the chip market weighing in, and over 34,000 surveys distributed.


Equipment Segment

Agilent Technologies

Process Diagnostics

BE Semiconductor Industries


DISCO Corporation


F&K Delvotec


Hitachi Kokusai Electric

Wafer Fabrication

Keithley Instruments

Process Diagnostics

Novellus Systems

Wafer Fabrication


Wafer Fabrication

Hitachi High-Tech Instruments Co.


Varian Semiconductor Equipment

Wafer Fabrication



Source: VLSIresearch; 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey on Chip Making Equipment


Varian Semiconductor is receiving this award for the sixth consecutive year. Verigy is the only test equipment supplier to receive this award for two consecutive years. Two assembly equipment suppliers are on the list for the first time: BE Semiconductor and Hitachi High-Tech Instruments (formerly Renesas Eastern Japan Semiconductor).

VLSI says that “The five star metrics are designed to capture companies that have both superior equipment performance and organizational performance ratings. Companies and organizations excelling in both metrics are rare and deserve public recognition for their achievement. Because of this the five star companies represent the top performers among semiconductor equipment companies. They are exemplary performers and highly valued by their customers in the key customer satisfaction metrics.”

Please visit the VLSIresearch website for further details and additional star ratings for other companies and categories by clicking here.

About VLSIresearch

VLSIresearch is the leading provider of market research and economic analysis on the technical, business, and economic aspects within nanotechnology and related industries. The company is known for its unparalleled accuracy, innovation in market research, and its sharply focused insight into the rapidly changing landscape of the industries covered. Its databases on manufacturing are used throughout the industry, and by government. VLSIresearch’s primary databases and reports cover the semiconductor, flat panel display, PV cell and module manufacturing industries, and the market for critical subsystems and components within these and associated high technology industries. VLSIresearch was founded in 1976.

About the Survey

The VLSIresearch annual Customer Satisfaction Survey on Chip Making Equipment is the only publicly available opportunity for chip manufacturers to provide feedback on their suppliers since 1988. Equipment manufacturers need an accurate baseline of their performance. The factors determining which equipment manufacturers will be successful are no longer determined solely by technical prowess and market timing. Nor are companies measured solely by their market share position. Customer satisfaction has become a critical measure of a company's success. Companies need to know how they are perceived by the customer, so that they can consistently improve their market position. The 10 BEST and THE BEST by Market Segment rankings award special recognition to the suppliers that are rated highest by their customers. For more details on the survey, click here.

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January 5, 2011