SEMI Austin Breakfast Forum - September 23, 2009

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SEMI® Austin Breakfast Forum

"Smart Grid & Pecan Street Project – Opportunities for the SEMI Community"

September 23, 2009
Time: 8:00am-11:30am
MCC Auditorium, WPR Building

3925 West Braker Lane
Austin, Texas

A Smart Grid is an electricity distribution/transmission network that uses two-way communication to relay real-time information on individual energy consumption. It enables consumers to monitor and manage their usage in real time. And it allows utilities to be aware of outages immediately and better balance the needs of the grid with the production of energy.

The Pecan Street Project starts with Smart Grid and adds the intention to establish the City of Austin as America’s clean energy laboratory. The overarching mission of the Pecan Street Project is to design and implement an energy generation and management system that generates a power plant’s worth of power from clean sources within the city limits and delivers it over an advanced delivery system that allows for unprecedented customer energy management and conservation

Austin is one of the nation’s most forward-thinking, innovative, green energy communities. Austin Energy already has the largest green power program of all the nation’s utilities. Because Texas has its own grid, small micro-generation projects do not need federal or state approval. So projects can get off the ground faster in Texas than anywhere else in the country.

The SEMI Forum investigates the role of Semiconductors in implementing the Smart Grid and the Pecan Street Project with insight into the relevant technologies and the opportunities for SEMI members.

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Registration, Networking, Continental Breakfast


Welcome Remarks


Introduction to Smart Grid and PSP (Presentation not available)
Colin Rowan

Partner, I&O Communications
President, Rowan Communications


Markets & Products (Presentation not available)
Joel Serface

Pecan Street Project Co-Founder
Recently concluded assignment as“Entrepreneur in Residence” at NREL



Market to Technology Bridge – Smart Grid to Semiconductors
Paul Ballentine



Power Transfer Technology
Kenney Roberts

SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc.



Control and Communications
Shelly Van Dyke

Strategist & Market Analyst
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.



Closing remarks