SMC 2011 Agenda for print

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    Tuesday, January 11

    2:00pm–5:00pm SMC Registration

    5:30pm–7:00pm ISS Reception

    7:00pm–9:00pm ISS Banquet (Registration required)

    Wednesday, January 12 – ISS/SMC Joint Session

    7:00am–7:50am SMC Registration/Continental Breakfast

    Customer View

    7:50am–8::00am Session Overview

    Kevin Lally, Chairman ISS Organizing Committee

    Jeff Anderson, Chairman SMC Organizing Committee

    8:00am–8:45am “Materials: The Key to Innovative Devices”

      Paolo Gargini, Chairman, ITRS; Intel Fellow; Director,

      Technology Strategy, Intel Corporation

    8:45am–9:15am “Emerging Memory Technologies - Scaling beyond 16nm?”

        James Hutchby, Senior Scientist, SRC

    9:15am–9:45am Keith Cook, Senior Director of Technology

    Development, Micron

    9:45am–10:15am Norm Armour, VP and General Manager,


    10:15am–10:30am Break

    10:30am–12:00pm Streetviews Panel

        Moderator: Rick Hill, Chairman of the Board and CEO,

        Novellus Systems

        Panelists: Tim Arcuri, CITI; Avinash Kant,

        DA Davidson; Satya Kumar, Credit Suisse; Krish

        Sankar, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch

    12:00pm–1:00pm Lunch

    1:00pm–2:30pm Blue Chip CEO Panel

        Moderator: Michael Wright, President, Advanced

        Global Strategies


      Bob Akins, Chairman & CEO, Cymer

    Nobu Koshiba, President, JSR Corporation

    Doug Neugold, President & CEO, ATMI

    William Noglows, Chairman, President & CEO,

    Cabot Microelectronics;

    Aart de Geus, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Synopsys;

    Michael Splinter, President & CEO, Applied Materials

    2:30pm Closing remarks/ISS adjourns

    6:00pm–7:00pm SMC Welcome Reception (Sponsored by REC Silicon)

    Thursday, January 13

    7:00am–8:00am Continental Breakfast (Sponsored by AZ Electronics)

    8:00am–8:05am Welcome Remarks, Karen Savala, President, SEMI


    8:05am–8:15am Opening Remarks, Jeff Anderson, VP, Marketing

      Business Development Eminess Technologies, SMC

      Committee Chair

    Conference Keynotes (Sponsored by: Eminess Technologies)

    8:15am–8:55am "Materials Innovation: Chemistry for Emerging Technologies"

      Nobu Koshiba, President, JSR Corporation

    8:55am–9:35am “Semiconductor Technology - Trends, Challenges, and


      Gary Patton, VP, Semiconductor Research &

      Development Center, IBM Systems and Technology Group

    9:35am–10:15am "Beyond the Rich

        Andrew Thompson, Co-founder and CEO, Proteus


    10:15am–10:30am Break

    Semiconductor Technology
    10:30am–11:00am “Challenge of Material Technology in the Nano-scale

    Device Manufacturing”

    Jae Hyun Kim, Principal Engineer,

    Semiconductor Business, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

    11:00am–11:30am “Current and Future Challenges for Advanced


    Bryan Rice, Director of Lithography, SEMATECH

    11:30am–12:00pm “Electronics Anywhere: Conformal, Stretchable

      Electronics Using Novel Mechanics & Conventional Materials”– David A. Icke, CEO, mc10, Inc.

    12:00pm–1:15pm Lunch


    1:15pm–1:45pm “Grid Parity and LCOE Revealed: What is the Impact

      on the PV Supply Chain?”

    Joe Berwind, Principal, Alternative Energy Investing

    1:45pm–2:15pm “High Efficiency CIGS Solar Cells: Technology Trends and

      Materials Requirement”

        Rommel Noufi, Principal Scientist and Group Manager, NREL

    2:15pm–2:45pm David Bour, Chief Technologist, LED Product

    Technology, Applied Materials

    2:45pm–3:15pm “MOCVD of III / V Semiconductor - From Material

    Research to an Established Production Technology”

    Johannes Kaeppeler, VP, Technology, Aixtron

    3:15pm-3:35pm Break (Sponsored by Brewer Science)

    Supply Chain Analysis and Business Environment

    3:35pm–3:45pm “Affordable Materials with Supply Chain Innovation“

      Tim Hendry, VP, TMG, Director Fab Materials

      Operation, Intel Corporation

    3:45pm–3:55pm “The Future of the Electronics Materials Supply Chain”

      Norm Armour, VP and General Manager, Fab 8,


    3:55pm–4:05pm “Driving Supply Chain Excellence”

    Roger Gossett, Senior Manager, Gas, Chemical

    and Wafers Global Procurement

      Freescale Semiconductor

    4:05pm–4:15pm “The Next Generation Supply Chain”

        Jeremy How, Electronics Materials Strategic Sourcing Manager, Air Products

    4:15pm–4:25pm “Escalating Fab Demands for Electronic Materials adds

    New Challenges to Already Constrained Global Supply

    Chains”–Kurt Carlsen, Director, Strategic Sourcing,

    Air Liquide Electronics

    4:25pm–5:25pm Panel Discussion–Moderator: Carl Johnson,

    Director and Founder, INFRASTRUCTURE

    6:00pm–7:00pm Networking Reception

    Friday, January 14

    7:00am–8:00am Continental Breakfast

    Market Analysis Session

8:00am–8:30am "The Materials Age: IC Performance Takes Flight through


      Karey Holland, Partner & Senior Technical Analyst,

      Techcet Group

    8:30am–9:00am “Emerging Opportunities and Markets for Chemicals and

    Materials in Advanced Devices”

      Michael Corbett, Managing Partner, Linx Consulting

    9:00am–9:30am “Challenges and Opportunities for Materials in Backend

    Processing and Assembly”

    Jan Vardaman, President, TechSearch International

    9:30am–10:00am "SEMI Materials Outlook"

    Dan Tracy, Sr. Director, Industry Research and

    Statistics, SEMI

    10:00am–10:15am Break

    10:15am–11:00am Q&A Panel with Market Analysts

        Moderator: Lita Shon-Roy, Senior Managing Partner,

        Techcet Group

    11:00am-11:30am “2011 Forecast and the Asia Pacific Outlook"

    Matt Gertken, Asia Pacific Analyst, STRATFOR

    11:30am–11:35am Closing Remarks

    Agenda as of January 7, 2011. Subject to change