SEMI Announces Rich Media Conference Content for ISS and SMC

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SEMI Announces Rich Media Conference Content for ISS and SMC

SEMI has announced the availability of selected Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) 2009 and Strategic Materials Conference (SMC) 2009 content in rich media format. Combining PowerPoint presentations synced with audio, the new rich media format delivers the complete presentation content in an on-demand format available to both attendees and non-attendees of the conferences. The association has placed the ISS and SMC content on the web site— available free to its members and at a nominal fee for non-members.

Based on member feedback, SEMI is evaluating this approach to providing important information from SEMI events to members without requiring actual attendance at the event. Sessions are accessible through Microsoft Internet Explorer in the .wmv format currently, but will also be offered in Quicktime format contingent upon demand. Unlike video, the rich media format allows quick access to specific information by enabling quick slide-by-slide scanning and access to presentations.

“Rich media platforms are becoming the new medium for disseminating timely and relevant information on demand, over the Internet.” said Tom Morrow, vice president of Global Expositions and Marketing at SEMI. “By offering this content, we are able to provide our members important and relevant information without requiring them to attend events in person. This is especially important today with restricted travel budgets so prominent.”

These ISS and SMC 2009 sessions are currently available for viewing:

ISS 2009

  • Nariman Behravesh, chief economist and executive vice president of Global Insight
    “Top 10 Predictions for 2009 and Implications for High-Tech”
  • Dan Hutcheson, CEO of VLSI Research
    In Search of Sustainable Profitability”
  • Sanjay Mehrotra, president and COO of SanDisk
    SanDisk Company and Market Overview”
  • Jim Clifford, senior vice president for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies at Qualcomm
    A Changing Model for a Changing Landscape”
  • Bob Johnson, research vice president at Gartner
    Semiconductors: the Pursuit of Elusive Profitability”
  • Gary Patton, vice president of Semiconductor Research and Development Center (SRDC) at IBM
    Semiconductor and System Technology: A Future of Consolidation, Integration and Discontinuities”
  • Klaus Rinnen, managing vice president at Gartner
    Semiconductor Manufacturing Outlook”
  • Bill McClean, president of IC Insights
    Major Forces Shaping the Global Semiconductor Industry”
  • Tom St. Dennis, senior vice president and GM of the Silicon System Group at Applied Materials
    Growth and Survival in a Consolidating Supply Chain”
  • Alain Harrus, partner at Crosslink Capital
    Solar Energy”

SMC 2009

  • Raymond Roberge, senior vice president and CTO of Praxair Electronics
    Keynote – “Materials Opportunities and Risks in the New Market Environment”
  • Manny Gonzales, technical director, Business Development and Diversification Group at Entegris Specialty Materials
    SiC Strategies in Semi”
  • Michael McCreary, vice president of Research and Advanced Development at E Ink Corporation
    Flexible Electrophoretic Displays: Enabling a New Industry for Non-Traditional Display Materials and Processes”
  • John Housley, senior managing partner of the Techcet Group, LLC
    Critical Materials: Market Trends for Wafer Fab Materials”
  • James Hannah, senior engineering manager, Chemicals and Wafers at IBM Procurement
    Challenges in Chemical Supply Chain Management— A Fab Perspective”
  • Duncan Meldrum, chief economist at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
    Semiconductors in the Current Cycle”

Members and registered attendees of ISS and SMC may view the content free of charge, and non-members/attendees can access single sessions for under US$ 20 each. For more information on current SEMI rich media offerings, please visit

Feb 3, 2009