Industry Transformation on the Agenda at ISS and SMC

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Industry Transformation on the Agenda at ISS and SMC

Amidst the worst economic crisis of our lives, the semiconductor supply chain is rapidly transforming into a leaner, more agile, more diverse, and more focused industry. Survivors of the prolonged economic downturn won’t be those that merely aggressively cut costs, protect cash flows and nurture the few customers that have money to spend, they will be companies that gamble, scramble and claw their way to innovation. Future industry leaders will not just endure and rebound, they will transform themselves with new people, products and ideas.

These and other insights into the current economic climate and success strategies for the coming decade will be the focus of the Industry Strategy Symposium (January 11-14) and Strategic Materials Conference (January 14-16), held in Half Moon Bay, California. Never before has the industry been in more uncertain times, and never before will the insights gained from the milestone conferences be more important.

Economic trends, end market forecasts, and semiconductor growth opportunities will comprise Day One at ISS as speakers from Global Insights, VLSI, Gartner, IC Insights, Semico, and others share their latest forecasts and understandings about the gloomy market. No other conference in the world presents a higher quality and broader range of analyst experts and the sparks are sure to fly as the industry’s critical market projections will be revealed for the first time.

The industry’s increasing integration with the consumer market will be highlighted at ISS with Jim Clifford, senior vice president of Qualcomm, and Sanjay Mehrotra, president and COO of SanDisk, sharing their insights on the demand drivers for the coming months. What is sure to be a highlight of Day One ISS will be a presentation by Ted Chu from General Motors who will share his forecast for the automotive market rebound, and perhaps his perspectives on the impending auto bailout and what our industry could learn.

Because of the unprecedented economic climate, more of the conference will be formally and informally devoted to new business models and impending changes in industry structure that so many observers now predict. On Day Two, Gilbert Declerck, president and CEO of IMEC, and Steve Hillenius from SRC will discuss the new R&D challenges, while T.J. Rodgers, who seen the industry through many transitions before, will share his outlook on the challenging market.

All facets of the industry will be represented on the agenda. Aart de Geus, president and CEO of Synopsys, will kick-off Day Three with a visionary perspective that combines emerging technology insights with today’s manufacturing and business imperatives. Also on the third day will be the informative Bulls and Bears Panel, hosted by Novellus’ Rick Hill, to lend the Wall Street perspective on the challenges facing the industry.

Beyond the speakers and panels, of course, will be the valuable intelligence gained from other attendees through the many networking opportunities. How executives, technologists, investors and entrepreneurs are rethinking their businesses and grappling with the opportunities for transformation and renewal may be the biggest benefit of this year’s ISS. The market outlook may be grim, but there’s hope— visible to those with the energy and imagination to see beyond the forecasts.

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