Extreme Electronics Networking Communities

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Build an Extreme Network — Join the SEMI Online Communities

Extreme Electronics provides extra visibility to emerging markets and applications for semiconductor manufacturing technology

SEMI has developed online communities serving buyers and suppliers in MEMS, high-brightness LEDS, PV, nano, and printed and flexible electronics. Using the SemiNeedle social networking site, we’ve established groups that can engage in real-time discussions about technology and business issues related to these emerging markets.

Join SemiNeedle now, where growing Extreme LED, Extreme MEMS, and Extreme Printed groups can share ideas, explore new topics, tackle challenges and build relationships.

This group brings together manufacturing and technology experts in advanced LEDs to share ideas and information online. 


This forum is dedicated to MEMS technologies, and is intended for production engineers, equipment and materials suppliers, and others to learn and collaborate online through forums and information sharing.


The Printed and Flexible group is designed to link technologists, buyers, suppliers and other experts in printed electronics together so they can better address common problems and meet mutual challenges.

As the largest manufacturing show in the world for MEMS, high-brightness LEDS, PV, nano, and printed and flexible electronics, SEMICON West draws together the largest population of specialized exhibitors and visitors in the industry. SEMICON West 2011 will take place on July 12-14 in San Francisco, California.