SEMI Award for North America

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About the SEMI Award

Each year, SEMI publicly recognizes and honors technological and industrial leadership through the SEMI Award North America program. There are two distinctions for the Awards made within this program.

The awards program was established in 1979 to recognize enabling technical contributions by individuals and teams to the microelectronics industry. The enabling technological contributions to the microelectronics industry can be as broad as Integrated Circuit Design, Design for Manufacturability (DFM), new mask manufacturing methods, new device manufacturing architecture and methods and the assembly and test of integrated circuits and microelectromechanical (MEMS) devices.

In 2009, SEMI announced its first significant change by expanding criteria to include outstanding achievements in developing new and emerging technologies expected to have significant future value to the semiconductor industry. This change in criteria broadens the scope of the SEMI Award to recognize technology developments including semiconductors, photovoltaic solar displays and solid state lighting.

The highest honor achievable through the 3,000 member trade organization SEMI, is the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Honor is reserved for those individuals who repeatedly enable and lead the industry, technologically, throughout their professional career. See the following link "SEMI Award for North America recipients list"

Nominations for the Award are submitted by SEMI North America member companies and the selection of the Recipients is made by a committee of industry executives. Follow this link to the "Nomination guidelines".

2010 SEMI Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2010 SEMI Award Recipients presented for the commercialization of the µBGA Technology:

Thomas De Stefano, founder, Tessera Technologies
John Smith, former CEO, Tessera Technologies
Michael Warner, former vice president, Engineering & Product Development, Tessera Technologies


SEMI Award for North America Recipients List

Nomination Guidelines

2010 SEMI Awards for North America Committee


W. R. Bottoms (Chairman)
Third Millennium Test Solutions


Michael Current
Michael Current Scientific

Terry Francis
Matheson Tri-Gas


Michael Garner

Joseph Monkowski
Pivotal Systems