On the Move in Russia: Semiconductor, Nano, and PV

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On the Move in Russia: Semiconductor, Nano, and PV

Funding for the “Angstrem-T” project was finally approved by the Supervisory Board of VneshEconomBank (Russia’s Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs) in mid-February, 2008. Angstrem-T has teamed with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. to implement a 130-nm CMOS process in their new fab which is being set up as a pure foundry for the global market. Russia’s Nanotechnology Center on the site of the famous Russian Scientific Center “Kurchatov Institute” in Moscow has now entered the design stage, and significant developments in PV have also occurred in Russia/CIS with the announcement of 10 new polysilicon manufacturing plants in the region.

Information and opportunities on all these projects will be available in the business conferences and exposition at the inaugural SEMICON Russia on June 2-5, 2008 (www.semiconrussia.org).

As reported in the December 2007 issue of SEMI Global Update, the Russian sector is ramping up with increased government support and foreign investments. Russia’s high level of education, strong academic research in semiconductor physics, vertically-integrated industries in aerospace, communications and other areas, and robust economic growth are creating a booming technology market.

To capitalize on these developments, SEMCON Russia has developed three executive business conferences, a technical symposium, and attracted a powerful of mix or local and global exhibitors to advance the state of high technology in the CIS region. Highlights of the program include:

Photovoltaic Conference

On Monday, June 2, a full day will be focused on poly Si and feedstock manufacturing projects in Russia/CIS. It will feature presentations from the local projects’ owners, as well as from companies providing technologies, equipment and expertise to local projects/companies—with GT Solar and SolMic as major players. Also included is a session related to equipment and technologies for multi wafers, solar cells and modules manufacturing.

Semiconductor Executive Market Conference

On Tuesday, June 3, an overview of eight local semiconductor-related projects will be presented, followed by project details and updates. A presentation from DoC and discussion on how to manage export control issues will also be included. Important decision makers from all of Russia’s major projects will participate.

Parliament, Government and Industry Executive Roundtable

On Wednesday, June 4, “The State Strategy to Support Innovative Ways of Russia’s Development” will be addressed. Major topics for discussion include Russian legislation to provide domestic high-tech industry competitiveness, valuable insights into Russia’s “Private/State Partnership” model and other important subjects.

For more information on program and exhibiting opportunities at SEMICON Russia, visit www.semiconrussia.com