Taiwan’s New PV Group Aims to Advance Industry Growth and Profitability

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Taiwan’s New PV Group Aims to Advance Industry Growth and Profitability

Solar energy is poised to become one of the largest and fastest growing technologies in the planet. The Taiwan PV industry generated over US$ 15.6 billion in revenue in 2007. Taiwan is now the world’s fourth largest region in PV sales volume. With more than 76 market players in Taiwan PV supply chain, the future for PV in Taiwan is bright.

In coordination with SEMI, major PV industry leaders in Taiwan have formed the SEMI Taiwan PV Committee and held the first meeting on January 17. Dr. Chin-Yao Tsai, general manager of E-TON was appointed as the chairman to lead committee operations. Comprised of major Taiwan PV cell and module makers, equipment and materials providers and research institutes, the committee will leverage the association’s global PV expertise and resources, and work closely with the SEMI Standards Committees in Europe and North America to advise on industry hot issues and advance the growth of the Taiwan PV industry.

SEMI Perspective

Terry Tsao, president of SEMI Taiwan and Southeast Asia, stated, “SEMI is committed to help the Taiwan PV industry navigate the increasingly complex marketplace through a variety of programs designed to facilitate industry growth, improve profitability and combat industry threats. Were glad to see that all the Taiwan major PV players are so aggressively devoting themselves to the common goal of industry growth.” He also stressed that SEMI will continuously promote and facilitate the creation and use of industry standards.

PV Leaders Agree

E-TON indicated that We appreciate SEMI for taking the initiative in forming this group, which will allow us to interface with our suppliers and customers more efficiently. Through the team effort on the SEMI Taiwan PV Committee, we hope to catch up with leading countries, build a healthy, competitive and profitable PV industry in Taiwan.Dr. Chung-Wen Lan, general director of PVTC (Photovoltaic Technology Center) stated, As the PV industry is relatively young, it provides an excellent opportunity for Taiwan to participate the international industry standards defining process. Without SEMI, we would never have become involved in international standards, and since the association has plentiful global resources, I hope they can bring in more industry experts to help Taiwan PV industry further improve the overall efficiency from design to manufacturing, said Marco Hu, president of Tynsolar.

    With nearly 20 percent of the SEMI membership actively involved in PV manufacturing technology, SEMI has aggressively designed programs opportunities for its members, including the following upcoming activities:

  • PV Fab Managers Forum, March 9-11, Dresden
  • PV Area at SEMICON China, March 18-20, Shanghai
  • SEMICON West, July 15-17, San Francisco, co-host Intersolar organized by FWTM and Solar Promotion GmbH
  • PV Japan 2008, July 30-Aug 1, Tokyo, co-organized by JPEA and SEMI
  • PV Pavilion at SEMICON Taiwan, Sept 9-11, Taipei
  • SEMICON Europa, October 7-9, Stuttgart

    Members of the SEMI Taiwan PV Committee include executives from Applied Materials, Chroma, DelSolar, Edwards Limited, E-TON, GPM, Gintech, Green Energy, Lucky Power, Mirle Automation, Mosel, Motech, NeoSolar Power, Oerlikon, PVTC, Sino-American Silicon Products, Taisil Electronics Materials, Tynsolar and Wafer Works. All committee members agreed to create a Taiwan PV Standards Working Group to investigate business opportunities for Taiwan PV market players.

For additional information on SEMI PV activities and standards, please visit www.pvgroup.org or www.semi.org.