Technical and Business Programs at SEMICON China 2008

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Technical and Business Programs at SEMICON China 2008

In conjunction with SEMICON China 2008, SEMI will hold technical and business programs in Shanghai from March 18–20. From executive panels to full-day technology conferences, these events will keep attendees up-to-date on the latest market and technology trends—and the industry’s most pressing issues. Hot program topics cover: SEMI International Standards, Low Power and Wireless IC design, Refurbished Equipment Market, Export Control, Equipment and Spare Parts Localization, Logistics Challenges for Spare Parts or Dangerous Chemicals, Global PV Standards, and more.

In addition, SEMI® China is soliciting papers from authors around the world for the China Semiconductor Materials International Conference (CSMIC) 2008, which will be held on March 19–20, 2008. Abstracts are due by Tuesday, January 15, 2008. For more details, visit: If you have questions, please contact Steven Gan, SEMI China, Tel: 86.21.64485666 or email

Highlights of SEMICON China include:

  • China Semiconductor Materials International Conference (CSMIC)—
    CSMIC 2008 provides a platform for executives, managers, engineers and researchers to exchange the latest development of semiconductor material technology, and material and process integration. It also offers an opportunity for those who are interested in investing in the semiconductor industry in Asia, particularly in China, to obtain first-hand information on the status and the future outlook of the materials industry. Topics include (but are not limited to): material synthesis, characterization, properties, performance and applications in semiconductor FEOL, BEOL, packaging, and patterning.
  • International Photovoltaic Technology Conference—This PV event is for the fast growing China solar industry, which is putting more and more effort into improving their technology and reducing their costs. The second International Photovoltaic Technology Conference will discuss the most advanced PV manufacturing technologies including crystalline solar cell manufacturing, thin film solar cells, solar module, installation and material technologies. The conference will bring advanced technology to China and bring China PV industry to the world.
  • MEMS Commercialization Forum—The one-day MEMS program will focus on the problems that emerged in the commercialization period of China MEMS industry. Senior executives from each section of the global MEMS supply chain will give presentations on global market, business models, and foundry services. It is an exceptional opportunity for China MEMS researchers, designers and fab managers to communicate with international peers and learn from them.
  • SEMI International Standards Workshop—The Standards Workshop will explore hot topics on Standards related to 300 mm productivity and on EHS issues facing the semiconductor and flat panel display manufacturing industries. An additional session on the afternoon of March 20 collaborating with PV conference will discuss Global and SEMI standards progresses for PV industry.
  • Spare Parts and Chemical Materials Logistics Workshop—After a successful debut last year, this workshop returns this year. Organized by the SEMI Logistics Committees in China, the forum will address challenges in the China IC manufacturing industry on topics such as spare parts logistics, dangerous goods transportation, reverse logistics, inventory management, etc. Invited speakers will also update related new policies and introduce “Industry Parks” where latest major local fab projects are occuring.
  • Semiconductor Equipment and Spare Parts Localization Forum—In recent years, this “can’t miss” forum during the SEMICON China show will bring to you the development and progress of localization from local equipment manufacturers. This year’s discussion will address topics, such as: How do I step forward? Could I leverage local supply chains? Could some successful models apply to local companies? The seminar will also share successful experiences and business models from Taiwan and Korea. In addition, equipment and spare parts procurement process management and quality assurance will be discussed.
  • IC Design Symposium on Wireless and Low Power Applications— Co-organized by CASPA, GSA and SEMI, this symposium will focus on challenges in wireless- and low-power IC Design, as well as innovations for design and manufacturing value chain integration.
  • Export Control Workshop—A “must attend” event for anyone interested in the practical aspects of customs and export controls for doing business in China. Based on last year’s attendance, it is important to pre-register to secure a seat at this one-day workshop.
  • Used Equipment Market Forum—If your company has an interest or is involved in the buying, leasing and selling of used electronics manufacturing equipment, this forum is critically important to your business.

For the latest information about SEMICON China 2008 programs and events, please visit

or contact Steven Gan, SEMI China, email: or Tel: 86.21.6448.5666.