SEMICON Korea will Tackle Greenhouse Gas Reduction Issues

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SEMICON Korea will Tackle Greenhouse Gas Reduction Issues

SEMICON Korea will tackle the issue of “Greenhouse Gas Reduction” on Thursday, January 31 in a special EHS session.

Today, many believe that the most serious environmental issue is climate change caused by the greenhouse effect. In this special EHS session, presentations from leaders—at Samsung, Hynix, global suppliers, and Texas Instruments—will illustrate the efforts that some industry companies are making to prevent global warming. This session will help you address the question, “What is happening in our industry in terms of sustainable development and what direction are we heading?”

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Agenda

Aimee Bordeaux, senior director of the EHS Division at SEMI, will act as moderator of the session. Presentations at the session will include:

  • Samsung's Efforts toward GHG Emission Reduction
    —Sang Yoon Jung, manager, Samsung Electronics
  • Clean Develop Mechanism (CDM) Project: A Case Study of Hynix
    —Seung Jong Ko, member of technical staff, Hynix Semiconductor
  • TEL’s Perspective on Environmental Benignity
    —Shigeito Ibuka, director, Products EHS and EHS Industry Relations, TEL
  • Energy Savings with Vacuum Pumps: What the Pump Vendors Can Do and How Customers Can Help
    —Jang Hun Joo, manager, Edwards Korea
  • The New Role for EHS in Semiconductor Industry
    —Sang Joon Lee, director of R&D Center, Clean Systems Korea
  • Energy Efficiency and Climate Change: A Challenge to the Semiconductor Industry
    —Norm Armour, corporate vice president, Applied Materials
  • Being Green is Valuable to TI's Customers and Suppliers: Examples of Value
    —Tim Yeakley, strategy manager, Texas Instruments

This EHS session will be held on Thursday, January 31, 2008 from 13:00–16:40 in Room #402, Conference Center, 4th Floor, COEX. The presentations will be in Korean and English, with simultaneous translation.

The program is sponsored by SUNGDO ENG and SAMWOO EMC.

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