Beijing—a Center for Advanced Semiconductor Technology

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Beijing—a Center for Advanced Semiconductor Technology

By April Peng, SEMI

Beijing, home to the first 300 mm fab ever built in China, plays a leading role in advanced manufacturing technology and IC design. A variety of organizations with key industry professionals are located in Beijing, including: Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), Peking University, Tsinghua University, equipment manufacturers like North Microelectronics, and top IC design corporations, such as CIDC and Vimicro.

In mid-October, Beijing International Microelectronic Symposium (BIMS) and Advanced Semiconductor Technology Symposium (ASTS)—co-hosted by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industrial Development and SEMI—brought the most up-to-date semiconductor manufacturing and designing technology to the city of Beijing. Technical professionals from IMEC, Intel, Freescale, TEL, Veeco, Praxair, Aviza, Verigy and SMIC presented. They shared their insights on global development trends and technological breakthroughs in the semiconductor industry with more than 310 engineers and technical staff people.

Gary Ditmer, marketing director, Asian Division of Metryx, the world’s leading supplier of test and measurement technology, was inundated with technical questions upon finishing his speech, including the technical parameters and the current situations of end users. Ditmer told reporters that even before the commencement of the meeting, he had already paid a visit to SMIC at Beijing—so he was very glad to see the presence of managers from relevant technology departments. He also said that he was looking forward to more opportunities to exchange insights with potential clients in China.

Dr. Jeff Hurst, a scientist from Metrosol, also paid a visit to SMIC two days before he took his first trip to China. His scientific approach was demonstrated when he said “We need to further improve our equipment according to the requirements of AMIC.”

    Zhang Lifu, director of DFM and TCAD at SMIC, introduced recent developments of DFM in Lithography and Copper Interconnect around the world. DFM has become an indispensable part of the process below 100 mm. SMIC represents the top level in semiconductor manufacturing technology in China, and even it must track the relevant advanced technologies to keep its technological leadership.

    The global events of Semiconductor Technology Seminar (STS)—hosted by SEMI—has always been a grand occasion to learn about the advanced technologies and processes. And this year, the close cooperation with Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industrial Development resulted in a seminar that brought the world’s most leading technologies to Beijing.

    The Semiconductor Equipments and Component Parts panel discussion was excellent. The panel convened various semiconductor equipment manufacturers, component parts suppliers and government officials to discuss the challenges in the development of semiconductor cooperation and the chances of further cooperation in the future. Gen Jinqi, general manager of North Microelectronics, pointed out at the meeting that actual development for domestic enterprises was possible only with their hands joined in cooperation—providing opportunities for component parts with complete units, resulting in reduced costs and improving competitiveness in the future.