SEMI Europe Standards Meetings at Brussels 2008

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The SEMI International Standards Program brings experts from the semiconductor, photovoltaic, MEMS, nanotechnology, flat panel display and related industries together to exchange ideas and work jointly to develop globally accepted technical standards. The results of this activity enable positive growth and economic benefit to the industries that SEMI serves. SEMI Standards contribute to faster commercialization and time-to-market, especially for new and emerging technologies. Please click on links below to view agenda details for each particular meeting. The program counts over 2000 volunteers worldwide and 400 in Europe. Join today for free!

Download here the SEMI Europe Standards flyer!

Next meetings in Europe

  • 21 March, 2011 Compound Standards meetings in conjunction with CS Europe, Frankfurt, Germany

Technical Committees in Europe

  • Gases and Liquid Chemicals
  • Silicon Wafers
  • Compound Semiconductors
  • EHS (Environment, Health and Safety)
  • Photovoltaic
  • Photovoltaic Automation
  • Equipment Automation

Further Information

For further information and registration to the meetings, please contact:

Carlos Lee
Tel: +