Recognizing the Drivers—Sustainable Sponsors of the SEMI Foundation

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Recognizing the Drivers—Sustainable Sponsors of the SEMI Foundation

Since the formation of SEMI High Tech U (SEMI HTU), the association delivered 59 programs in the United States and internationally in countries such as Japan, Singapore and France. While the core program is sustained by companies such as Applied Materials, Air Products, Intel, ASML and Novellus, who sponsor each program, there is still a need to fund the development of new modules for the core program, as well as the scholarships granted to students that participate.

To fund these additional facets of the program, the SEMI Foundation has been very fortunate to receive ongoing support from what it calls its “sustaining sponsors.” This small group of individuals and companies is responsible for providing the funding to SEMI for the development of new program elements, increasing the number of programs, and offering an ongoing scholarship fund to its student participants.

SEMI’s sustaining sponsors such as Shigeo Takayama, Ultratech and Jim Morgan are all deeply involved and highly visible supporters of the SEMI Foundation, and have enabled the continued success of the HTU program.

Like the other sustaining sponsors of the SEMI Foundation, Shigeo Takayama, director, honorary chairman and founder of Hakuto Co., Ltd., has long been a strong supporter of educational initiatives. In addition to founding the Takayama International Education Foundation, Takayama has been a generous supporter of HTU, funding the Shigeo Takayama Global Leadership Scholarship. This award is given to students who exemplify the professional behaviors endorsed throughout the HTU program, in addition to demonstrating a high level of leadership and confidence.

Arthur Zafiropoulo, chairman, CEO and president of Ultratech has been an outspoken advocate of the association’s education initiatives. In addition to monetary donations, he is taking an active role working with students in the program. He was a founding member and chairman of the Foundation’s Board of trustees, and continues to serve as a board member.

James Morgan, chairman of the board of Applied Materials, has a longstanding track record of philanthropic pursuits in a diverse range of areas, including education initiatives. Morgan is the recipient of numerous awards for his work, and has been deeply involved with both SEMI, serving as director emeritus of the International Board of Directors, and the HTU program.

“It has always been our main goal to increase student interest in high tech careers, and over the past five years, we have achieved tremendous successes through the execution of the HTU program both domestically, and abroad,” said Lisa Anderson, vice president of the SEMI Foundation. “Through the generous donations of our sustaining sponsors, we are able to offer students a more enriched experience, and a more comprehensive view of opportunities.”

SEMI High Tech U is an industry driven math and science-based career exploration program for high school students and teachers.

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