Showcase Your Membership: SEMI Member Logo Now Available

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Showcase Your Membership:
SEMI Member Logo Now Available

SEMI members are at the forefront of innovation. Through their collective efforts in standards development, industry policy, and marketing of advanced manufacturing technology, SEMI members are seen as the critical enablers of the global electronics industry. As a SEMI member, you add extraordinary value to the most innovative and productive industry sector the world has ever known. To confirm your identity as one these elite enterprises, you are entitled to display your SEMI affiliation using the SEMI Member Logo.

The new logo features the widely recognized SEMI mark and can be used on websites, printed materials, trade show graphics and other applications. The logo is available in the Resources for Members section (Members Only) of the SEMI website (or by clicking here).

Displaying the SEMI member logo is an effective way to proclaim that your company is a proud member of the global microelectronics supply chain. By showcasing your SEMI membership, you’re signaling to customers, partners, employees and suppliers that you’re company is an established and significant player in the industry, sharing many of the attributes of SEMI such as global scope, advanced technology, connected to the leading firms, and supportive of the critical collaborations that support industry progress. Membership in SEMI suggests that you are among the key technology, material or service providers in the world.

Start-ups and smaller firms may find the mark especially beneficial in reinforcing an image of stability and communicating company stature. Large firms may find the mark useful to showcase their contribution to industry standards, best practices in environmental, health and safety intellectual property protection, and other areas. Firms who sell to more than one industry may find the SEMI Member logo useful to strengthen their image with leading device manufacturers and Foundry’s.

Requirements and Restrictions

The new "SEMI Member" mark may be used only by a Corporate Member in good standing, provided that the statement reflects accurately the membership status. For example, a corporation must not claim membership on the basis of an active Individual Membership. Only Corporate Members with current membership status and paid annual membership dues are permitted to use the SEMI Member logo.

SEMI grants permission to use, copy, display and distribute the SEMI Member logo provided that the user retain the trademark registration mark contained on the original image on any copies and also provided that you do not modify any such image (except to modify its size). When using a SEMI Member logo, never modify the design, add or delete any words, change any colors or proportions, or use a possessive or plural form of the SEMI name. 

By making the logo available for use, SEMI is not providing any implied or express licenses or rights, and you will have no rights to make any commercial uses of this image. SEMI does not endorse any specific commercial product as a result of identifying membership in the association.

Members may not use the SEMI Member logo for any other purpose than to demonstrate their affiliation and relationship to SEMI. The logo shall not be used in any way that implies an endorsement, sanction or approval by SEMI. No third party logo or mark can be used in conjunction with the SEMI Member logo that implies a relationship between SEMI and the other party.

Unless explicitly stated herein, nothing in these Terms shall be construed as conferring any license of the SEMI trademark.

SEMI reserves the right to revoke permission to use the SEMI logo. Permission terminates automatically without notice if you breach any of the terms or conditions listed above.