SEMI High Tech U Helping Companies Achieve Community Outreach Objectives

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SEMI High Tech U Helping Companies Achieve Community Outreach Objectives

Recently 36 students from high schools in Fremont, California spent three days at the SEMI Foundation’s High Tech U program hosted by Lam Research. Intel and Air Products were program co-sponsors, and San Jose State University was the higher learning educational partner. This industry-education partnership model, unique to SEMI High Tech U, is being viewed by a growing number of companies as an important way to help them achieve corporate community outreach objectives.

And it’s beginning to show results.

Case in point: Chris Ayad. Two years ago Chris attended SEMI High Tech U hosted by Lam Research while a student at Irvington High School in Fremont, California—today he’s a student at San Jose State pursuing an engineering degree.

“I used to think that technology was complicated and only for ‘smart people’—how wrong I was,” says Chris. “After High Tech U, I began taking as many technology-related classes as possible, knowing that these classes would be hard. But High Tech U helped me understand the basics and definitely made me more confident going into these classes.”

Chris, who won a $1,000 scholarship at SEMI High Tech U, is the product of a concerted effort by Lam Research to work with the SEMI Foundation to develop a local high tech workforce by partnering with Fremont, California high schools and San Jose State University. To date Lam has hosted, and been the principal financial sponsor of, three High Tech U programs attended by nearly 100 students from Fremont-area high schools.

“An important part of our corporate mission is to motivate and excite students to further their education with a focus on math and science”, says Lam College Relations Manager Mark Retzer. “Our work with local high schools, San Jose State and SEMI is proving to be an excellent model for helping us achieve our mission and is beginning to show results.”

SEMI High Tech U is an industry driven math and science-based career exploration program for high school students and teachers.

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