Photovoltaic at SEMICON Europa 2007

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SEMICON Europa focus on Photovoltaic

9-11 October 2007
New Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, Germany

Europe's Strengths on the Move and on Show at SEMICON Europa 2007

The center of innovation for the world’s most cutting-edge microelectronic technologies—from mobile and automotive electronics to MEMS and photovoltaics—is not in Asia, as some might think, but in Europe. These technologies, and the trends driving Europe's strength in these areas, are the focus of SEMICON Europa 2007, which will be held for the first time at the New Trade Fair Centre Stuttgart in Stuttgart, Germany, October 9–11.

"Europe is leading in telecom and automotive electronics and has successfully diversified into semiconductor-related industries like photovoltaic and nanotechnology," says Heinz Kundert, president of SEMI Europe. "SEMICON Europa provides the platform to discuss critical issues, strategic milestones, and technological breakthroughs."

SEMICON Europa focuses around four main technology tracks, features exhibits, programs, and other events centered on semiconductors; photovoltaic; test, assembly and advanced packaging; and MEMS. Each track has major associated conferences:

  • MEMS/MST: The International MEMS/MST Industry Forum (October 8, New Trade Fair Centre Stuttgart) features sessions focused on MEMS applications, research and development, manufacturing, and markets.
  • Photovoltaic: One of the fastest-growing areas of interest in the industry, photovoltaic is also quickly becoming a core technology area at SEMICON Europa, highlighted this year with the 3rd Advanced Photovoltaic Manufacturing Technology Conference, October 10–11 at the New Trade Fair Centre Stuttgart. The conference will feature topics including mass production of bulk crystalline silicon photovoltaics and thin-film photovoltaics. (See sidebar for more details on PV at SEMICON Europa.)
  • Test, Assembly, and Advanced Packaging: The 9th European Manufacturing Test Conference (October 9) and the Advanced Packaging Conference (October 10–11), both at the New Trade Fair Centre Stuttgart, will showcase innovations and cost-efficiencies in these critical technology areas.
  • Semiconductor: The 11th SEMI Fab Managers Forum (held October 12 at the Hotel Maritim Stuttagrt) will address enhancements of "mature" fabs, enabling technologies, and R&D in manufacturing, as well as overall asset utilization and competitive cost management.

SEMICON Europa 2007 will feature more than 800 exhibiting companies, showcasing the latest products and technologies across the microelectronics manufacturing industry. The event also features a wide range of business and technical education programs, as well as more than 30 SEMI International Standards meetings, workshops, and technical programs. For complete event information, visit

Sun shines on photovoltaic technology at SEMICON Europa 2007

Europe is fast establishing itself both as one of the strongest markets for photovoltaic (PV) installations as well as for new PV manufacturing technologies. As more SEMI members (and SEMICON exhibitors) diversify into PV, the interest and attention paid to photovoltaic is on the move.

SEMICON Europa 2007 features the 3rd Advanced Photovoltaic Manufacturing Technology Conference, which will be held over two half-days, October 10–11, at the New Trade Fair Centre Stuttgart. The conference sessions will focus on the manufacturing challenges, opportunities and solutions in the PV, as well as examine the business models that are likely to dominate the growing mass-production market.

In addition to the conference, PV-focused exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their innovations at the SEMI Technology Arena (Hall 3) during the afternoon on October 9. While many exhibitors with interests in PV technology are featured throughout the show, SEMICON Europa will also showcase PV exhibitors in a focused PV area, also in Hall 3.

Complete information on photovoltaic exhibits and events can be found on the SEMICON Europa website,