SEMI Announces the Silane Safety Seminar 2007 Singapore

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SEMI announces the Silane Safety Seminar 2007, Singapore.

In cooperation with SEMI and SESHA, the Asia Industrial Gases Association (AIGA) is organizing a Silane Safety Seminar 2007, where leading industry experts discuss the properties of Silane, risk management and standards. The Seminar is scheduled to take place on November 1 - 2, 2007 at the Singapore Management University Conference Hall, Singapore. More information is found in the Seminar Informational Brochure, located here.

This seminar in Singapore is the second one organized by AIGA and is targeted for audience in the South East Asian region. The Seminar is designed for all users of Silane, including safety, regulatory and emergency response personnel.

Program Events

The program includes speeches on the following topics:
- An overview of Silane incidents & release behavior
- CGA G-13: Storage and handling of Silane and Silane mixtures
- Silane cylinder valve safety issues
- Silane cylinders: Safe transportation, handling and storage
- Bulk Silane system risk analysis and best practices
- Safety fundamentals for design of bulk Silane and containers and distribution systems
- Procedures, personnel training and certification for Silane cylinders and bulk container changes
- Silane delivery system design considerations

The program includes panel discussions and workshops on the following topics:
- Standards and system risk assessments for bulk Silane systems
- Bulk silane system operations & issues
- Silane emergency response

Speakers and panelists include:
- Jean-Paul Barbier (Air Liquide)
- Al Brown (Rushbrook Consultants)
- Kevin Boal (Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.)
- Vinnie DeGiorgio (FM Global Inc.)
- Kazuya Inoue (BOC Edwards Linde Group)
- Eugene Y Ngai (Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.)
- Jerrold Sameth (Matheson Tri-Gas Inc.)
- David C Tolejko (Praxair, Inc.)
- James VanOmmeren (Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.)
- Albeto Luraschi (Air Liquide)
- John Borzio (Air Liquide Electronics)
- Ron Fuhrhop (Praxair Electronics)

Registration Information

To register for the seminar, please contact AIGA at Please use the individual or group registration forms provided below. Please take note that SEMI is NOT handling registration for this event. Any questions about the Seminar should be directed to AIGA at

Registration forms and additional seminar documents, which may of interest to attendees, are located below:
- Seminar Informational Brochure
- Registration Form
- Group Registration Form
- Conference Map
- Hotel Reservation Form

We look forward to seeing you in Singapore.

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