SEMI Successfully Launches Voices of the Industry Audiocast

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SEMI Successfully Launches Voices of the Industry Audiocast

In April, SEMI introduced the Voices of the Industry audiocast (, a 15-minute program focusing on the challenges and opportunities in the semiconductor manufacturing industry from the perspective of the SEMI membership and leading industry analysts.

Hosted by Steve Buehler, former editor-in-chief and publisher of Semiconductor Manufacturing Magazine and director at PC Magazine, the program is setup as a question and answer session, which will introduce the guest company, and then speak about current trends, innovations and initiatives that company is working on.

Launched on April 2, 2007, the program has already featured a range of guests, including a supplemental episode dedicated to the monthly SEMI Book-to-Bill with guest Dan Tracy, senior director of Industry Research and Statistics at SEMI.

Episodes to date include:

  • “Seeking Industry-wide Cooperation through the Manufacturing Technology Forum” with guest Pati Boucard, director of Corporate Factory Automation at KLA-Tencor
  • “Early Exposure at the SEMI Technology Innovation Showcase Launches Display Tech Startup” with guest Hash Pakbaz, Ph.D., vice president at Cambrios Technologies Corporation
  • “Startup Extends Standard CMOS Processing while Developing Nanotechnology Solutions” with guest Joe Brown, co-founder and head of Strategic Alliances at SiTime
  • “Development Foundry Model Spurs Innovation, Process Development for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups” with guest Bert Bruggeman, vice president of Operations and general manager at the Silicon Valley Technology Center.

New episodes will focus on areas ranging from standards and EHS, to emerging technologies and markets and public policy, among other topics.

“Voices of the Industry” is a FREE service of SEMI. SEMI members, exhibitors and industry analysts are welcome to participate. For more information on the show, visit, or to submit a topic/spokesperson for considerations, please contact segment producer, Scott Smith, at 1.408.438.3408, or by email at