Advance the Industry by Joining SEMI International Standards

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Together, We Can Make a Difference

Help Advance the Industry through Participation in SEMI International Standards

SEMI is committed to developing and advancing programs that help our members grow and become more profitable. By helping reduce redundant costs incurred by both front- and back-end suppliers—and facilitating profitable new opportunities in advanced manufacturing—a better, more productive industry and more sustainable world can be achieved.

A critical area where SEMI helps reduce cost is in international standards. The SEMI International Standards Program brings experts from the semiconductor, flat panel display, MEMS, nanotechnology, photovoltaic and related industries together to exchange ideas and work jointly to develop globally accepted technical standards. The results of this activity enable positive growth and economic benefit to the industries that SEMI serves. The SEMI International Standards portfolio is considered one of the key services offered to the industry—providing standards and guidelines that are timely, critical and of immense economic value. SEMI is continuously broadening the scope and reach of the Standards Program by strategically expanding standards-related activities into new markets and new technology areas.

Companies that participate in standards development reap both immediate and long-term benefits. The immediate benefits come about through access to technical resources, communication and networking with peers in the industry, the ability to influence the development of the standard, and recognition for participation.

The long-term benefits come about when the standard is released and accepted by its user community. Although it is true that all users of the standard experience these benefits (whether they participated in the development or not), participation insures the standard is in fact developed, accelerates the development so benefits begin sooner, and of course, participants get a jump on the implementation of the standard.

SEMI has an outstanding record of accomplishment and contribution to the industries we serve. Our standards community has been a vital force in the growth and profitability of the industry.

However, to continue to contribute at a high level will require that each of us takes an active role in nurturing the community and helping it grow. This will not only help existing activities to prosper, but also provide the groundwork for much needed efforts in related technologies and markets. This is certainly true for new and emerging technology areas–photovoltaic, nanotechnology, MEMS and Microsystems—but also, and particularly critical, for the next generation of 300 mm semiconductor fabs. New members bring new ideas, new insights and new ways to approach difficult problems.

If you’d like to be a part of your industry’s advancement and successful future, join SEMI International Standards. Together we can help create new markets, achieve more profitable growth, and respond better to industry challenges. We at SEMI are committed to supporting you globally in this effort with all our dedication and global resources.

How Can I Join the SEMI International Standards Program?

Participation in the SEMI International Standards Program is open to all. SEMI underwrites the costs of administering the program as a service to the industry. Meetings are open and anyone may attend. Members may join one or more technical committees as voting or non-voting members by filling out a simple application form.

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