MEPTEC’s 5th Annual MEMS Packaging Symposium

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MEMS in the Mainstream: $50 Billion and Growing

MEPTEC’s 5th Annual MEMS Packaging Symposium (co-sponsored by SEMI)

May 16-17, 2007
Holiday Inn San Jose
San Jose, California

MEPTEC, the MicroElectronics Packaging and Test Engineering Council, formally announced it will hold its 5th Annual MEMS Packaging Symposium titled “MEMS in the Mainstream: $50 Billion and Growing” on May 16 -17, 2007. Continuing on the success of the 2006 MEPTEC MEMS event, MEPTEC will again hold a special half-day program called Academic Workshop Presentations on May 17th. This special one-and-a-half day event will take place at the Holiday Inn San Jose located in San Jose, California.

MEMS have entered the mainstream.  While most of us may not be aware of it, many of us own several MEMS devices.  From our cars to our laptops, from Wii’s to iPhones, MEMS are pervasive in our modern lifestyles.  Unquestionably, MEMS are poised for rapid growth into the largest consumer markets.  The 5th Annual MEPTEC MEMS Symposium will explore the extent of this explosion, examine the enabling technologies behind it, including packaging and test issues, and analyze the current and future trends behind which MEMS will be the driving force.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

MEPTEC’s Symposium Advisory Committee has segmented the program into the following focus areas:

MEMS Based Market Evolution
Session Leader: Janusz Bryzek, LV Sensors
The session will characterize the MEMS market evolution from the point of view of Market Researchers and Venture Capitalist with MEMS scars.

Emerging Trends
Session Leader: Sean Cahill, VP Research & Development, Bridgewave Communications
This session will focus on the resources available to those willing to brave the fabless route to bringing their MEMS-enabled products to market.

Packaging Technologies
Session Leader: John Heck, Research Scientist, Intel
This session will highlight some of the enabling technologies, such as tool vendors, foundries, and packaging houses who specialize in supporting MEMS companies, giving insights into the changing landscape of commercial MEMS development.

Consumer and Industrial Applications
Session Leader: Joseph Mallon, CEO, axept and MEMS Researcher, Stanford University
This session will highlight some of the interesting applications using MEMS technology today and planned for the future.

Thursday, May 17th

Graduate students, professors and university researchers will gather to present their latest work on MEMS Packaging and related topics. The objective of this session is to give academics dealing with MEMS packaging issues the opportunity to speak to professionals and their companies who have related interests. In keeping with the teaching element of MEPTEC’s mission, the hope is that this opportunity for cross-fertilization between industry and academia will result in improved commercial interest in academic programs related to packaging and interest among university programs in researching packaging issues.

To register for or learn more about the symposium, please contact Bette Cooper at 650-714-1570 or or visit MEPTEC at