High Tech U Fluent in French, Japanese in March

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High Tech U Fluent in French, Japanese in March

SEMI Foundation’s acclaimed High Tech U will expand its global reach with programs in France and Japan in March.

Now in its sixth year, High Tech U is the educational program that helps young people explore opportunities in science and technology. High Tech U is completely supported by voluntary donations from SEMI members and other individuals and organizations in the industry. SOITEC and ST Microelectronics will host the program for the first time in Grenoble France on March 27-29. With the support of Kumamoto Prefecture, Tokyo Electron, Semiconductor Leading Edge Technologies and Sony Semiconductor, High Tech U will present the first High Tech U in Japan on March 26-27.

In 2006 the SEMI Foundation fulfilled a core objective by delivering its first High Tech U program outside the US. With the assistance of SEMI Southeast Asia, the SEMI Foundation delivered three programs in Singapore, two for high school students and one for teachers.

“Although High Tech U was developed in the United States, the plan has always been to make it an international program,” says Foundation Vice President Lisa Anderson. “We are excited to see the High Tech Model prove itself in France and Japan and continue its growth worldwide.”

High Tech U is an innovative, highly interactive program that introduces high school students to the science of making semiconductors and to career pathways in math and science based professions. There is also a version of the program for high school teachers.

Last year, SEMI Japan held its 30th anniversary gala, with proceeds benefiting the program. This was the first fundraising event held outside of the US for the Foundation. Also in 2006, the Foundation took a giant leap forward in its efforts to expand the reach of High Tech U by developing a curriculum replication model in partnership with Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center (MATEC). This innovative arrangement allows the Foundation to keep up with growing demand by using specially trained non-Foundation staff.

The Foundation delivered 12 High Tech U student programs and three programs for teachers in 2006 reaching 11,490 students. SEMI is scheduled to deliver High Tech U to 13,800 students in 2007, bringing the three-year total to 33,570.

Read more about the SEMI Foundation in the 2006 Annual Report, now available in print or in the electronic version.

The SEMI Foundation Welcomes Your Support

As a non-profit charitable organization, the SEMI Foundation depends entirely on contributions of time and money to accomplish its work. We welcome financial support, volunteer instructors, parental involvement and assistance with industry teaching venues. For information on how you, your company, or your organization can help support the Foundation, please visit the Foundation website, www.semi.org/foundation, or contact Lisa Anderson, landerson@semi.org.