Protecting Semiconductor Innovation in the Global Marketplace

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Protecting Semiconductor Innovation in the Global Marketplace

– A one-day course for senior executives

According to a recent survey, companies in the semiconductor equipment and materials industry are facing many critical and highly complex intellectual property (IP) threats. Executives are very worried about patent infringement across the global marketplace, counterfeiting of spare parts and components, the escalating race for patent protection, and trade secret theft. This one-day course will reveal the depth of the threats facing the industry and discuss valuable strategies for managing and protecting IP, including a summary of Best Practices in IP Asset Management and new IP-enabled business models.

Wednesday, October 17


9:00 am-5:00 pm
SEMI Headquarters
3081 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134

Scope of the IP Threat: Enabling technology companies in the semiconductor, nanotechnology, tech-energy, and other sectors face a unique set of IP threats and opportunities. Companies in these industries are juggling a number of highly complex issues, including: 1) global supply chains; 2) a limited customer base with competitive advantages highly dependent on the next generation of technical advances; and 3) intense competition for IP protection. As a result, mistakes in IP management come with significant financial impact and threaten continued innovation and profitability in the industry. The course will include a presentation on the results of a SEMI investigation on the IP threats facing the industry, including specific IP violations facing the industry and their financial impact.

Effective Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) is critically important in such a highly complex industry. There are a number of specific IAM strategies and tools that can be deployed to strengthen and monetize your company's IP portfolio. This one-day seminar will provide the information, insights and expertise necessary to design your company’s IAM strategy for maximum IP value and maximum IP protection.

About the Instructor: John Cronin is the managing director and chairman of ipCapital Group, Inc., a management consulting firm focused on helping clients improve ROI on innovation investments. Prior to founding ipCG, John was a distinguished inventor at IBM (in MicroElectronics division) for 17 years. During his tenure, he patented 100+ inventions, published over 150 technical papers, received IBM’s “Most Distinguished Inventor Award,” and was recognized as IBM’s “Top Inventor.”

Learn from an expert in the industry and IP management how to:

  • Maximize ROI in terms of: enforcement, brand, licensing, transactions, investor community, and competition
  • Understanding and managing different types of innovation, from R&D and traditional product enhancements, disruptions, adjacent markets, as well as "blue oceans"
  • Understanding and managing different sources of innovation, including: globalization, collaboration, business models, business or technology advancements, and internal team knowledge capture
  • We will explore all these areas with consideration of the specific IP threats to the equipment and materials industry
  • Implement best practices for intellectual asset management in industry that enable the creation of strategic innovations backed by IP
  • Create collaboration arrangements (open innovation, partnership, consortium, others) designed for mutual success

Who Should Attend

This course was developed for senior executives responsible for developing and managing IP or innovation strategies for their companies. It is specially designed for companies in the semiconductor equipment, materials and device communities, and related industries.

Register now! Registration Pricing SEMI members: $800; Non-SEMI members: $1,050

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