European Microelectronics Market Diverse and Growing

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European Microelectronics Market Diverse and Growing

Europe is home to 278 production and R&D fabs that manufacture a diverse range of ICs, MEMS, power devices, compounds and innovative packages. Included in this population are several 12” wafer fabs and 11 fabs with sub-90 nm technology. This diverse mix of production resources represent over $3.66 billion in semiconductor capital equipment spending last year, growing to $3.76 billion in 2007 with continued growth projected for 2008 and 2009*.

Nowhere is this diversity more clearly seen than in the European Microelectronics Market Study, just released by SEMI. The report is a comprehensive research study that provides accurate technology, product, financial, contact and other information for each fab in Europe. This fab-by-fab resource makes the study an ideal marketing, sales and investment guide to the lucrative European region. Summary data from the study include:

  • For MEMS, 67 fabs produce 16 percent of worldwide sales.
  • 38 fabs produce power devices that represent 30 percent of world production.
  • 50 percent of total IC fabs in Europe are in France, Germany and UK.
  • Although no major OSATS are located in Europe, 50 packaging fabs are developing innovative approaches to mobile, consumer electronics and other applications.
  • Europe has three world-class semiconductor R&D centers of excellence: IMEC, Leti and Frauhofer.

The study is a tool created for use by equipment and material suppliers and others in order to assess business opportunities in the European market. Using the factual data provided by the study, suppliers will be able to identify new opportunities in the European microelectronics market.

  • This comprehensive report details fab location, contacts, products, technologies, manufacturing facilities, and financial information.
  • The covered geographical area includes 48 countries such as the European Union, Eastern European countries, Turkey, Morocco, Israel, and Russia.

Database Sample (MS Excel format)

Executive Summary (PDF format)

Google Earth view of the 278 fabs in Europe (Google Earth software is free. You should be able to see the geographical location of manufacturing and packaging fabs in Europe. This file is approximate (it is based on the city code of the fabs address) and is not an official part of the European Microelectronics report and database.)

To purchase the study click here.

For additional information or questions on the European Microelectronics Study please contact Carlos Lee at

*SEMI Mid-year Consensus Forecast, December 2006