Korea FPD Working Group Receives Full Technical Committee Status

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Korea FPD Working Group Receives Full Technical Committee Status

In recognition of their accomplishments, the Korea Flat Panel Display (FPD) Working Group was recently granted full Local Technical Committee status. They now join the FPD Factory Automation, Mask and Color Filter & Optical Elements Committees in Japan, and the North American FPD Committee. FPD Working Groups are also established in China and Taiwan.

The first SEMI® FPD Standard, SEMI D3-91, was completed in 1991. Over the past 15 years, that standard has been joined by over 25 others addressing topics ranging from substrate size to Mura measurement to large area masks. While the thrust of activity is in the Asia-Pacific region, volunteers from North America and Europe contribute regularly and enthusiastically on current standards opportunities. In Korea, where efforts began in 2000 at the Working Group level, volunteers have authored three new FPD Standards between 2003 and 2005:

  • SEMI D33-0703 Measuring Method of Optical Characteristics for Backlight Unit
  • SEMI D36-1103 Terminology for LCD Backlight Unit
  • SEMI D41-0305 Measurement Method of SEMI Mura in FPD Image Quality Inspection

These early successes, combined with increasing interest and participation in Korea and other regions, prompted the Working Group leadership to petition the SEMI International Standards Committee for full technical committee status. The petition was approved and the North American FPD Committee agreed to become their “parent,” mentoring the new committee, providing training on the SEMI rules and procedures and helping communicate effectively with FPD Committees in other regions.

The Korea FPD Committee is now focusing on developing standards for LCD BLU (Backlight Unit) and planning to extend it to all fields of FPD such as PDP, OLED, etc. The major LCD panel manufacturers and BLU manufacturers are participating in this activity. At SEMICON® Korea, a FPD Workshop entitled “Post LCD Technology” with speakers from Samsung, LG Philips and Seoul National University, will help meet the large interest in FPD present in Korea.

The chart below shows the current organizational chart of active FPD committees and working groups worldwide:

For a complete listing of available SEMI FPD Standards, click here.

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