SEMI Europe Standards PV Meetings at Milan

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SEMI International Standards Program: First Photovoltaic Standards Technical Committee Meeting

(This event is closed.)

September 7, 2007

In conjunction with the 22nd PV Solar Energy Conference (PVSEC)

EPIA and SEMI have joined forces to work together and accelerate the introduction of standards in the PV industry. Standards can be related to the end product, and many organizations have created high quality work to ensure that end-users have the best possible product to assure the ‘longevity’ of their investment. SEMI and EPIA are going to work together to assure that along the creation process of a solar module discussions are started between the different players of the industry to eliminate unneeded costs and options, and to agree upon standards in the manufacturing process, both for equipment, materials and also for yet undefined standards for the end-devices that will bring the unit cost of the generation of photovoltaic energy as a renewable energy source down.

SEMI has gained 30 years of experience in related industries, like semiconductor and flat panel displays. Based on this experience a way of working and specific tools have been developed. A key element is an open hierarchical communication structure, based on committees and task forces, assignees from companies that draft the standards proposals and standards members that evaluate and vote on proposals. A first step was the approval of the PV activities within the organization, and the assignment of the two co-chairs of the European PV committee: Dr. Laszlo Fabry (Wacker Chemie AG) and Dr. Hubert Aulich (PV Crystalox Solar plc.). Here is a link to the presentation that describes the charter and the objectives of the PV Technical Committee.

The next step is the establishment of the committee and a discussion on the priorities. The first meeting will be organized in Milan, on September 7. The agenda for the meeting is:

  • Legal and organizational reminders
  • Round table/introduction
  • Introduction scope of SEMI/EPIA collaboration on standards (SEMI/EPIA, 15min)
  • Overview existing standards PV (IEC, ASTM, UL...) (Hubert?, 15min)
  • Discussion on structure of PV sub-committees, proposal of leadership (as outcome of pre-meeting)
  • Approach prioritization in FPD (Eddy, 10 min)
  • Discussion on how to approach prioritization in PV
  • Voting on SNARF/TFOF of PV Equipment Interface Standard (PV-EIS) TF
  • Creation of TF on Terminology
  • Action items and wrap-up

Taskforce on PV Equipment Interface Standards

Please note that on September 6 the first task-force meeting will be held on PV Equipment Interface Standards, same place and time. The taskforce leader, Kevin Reddig from Fraunhofer IPA ( will chair this meeting. The agenda of this meeting is here. Please note that the charter of the TF, i.e. the scope of the work this group plans to achieve, will be discussed in this task force, and balloted at the committee meeting the day after.

Who already registered?

Following companies registered for at least one of the meetings:


Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Air Products

AIS Automation Dresden GmbH


Apollon Solar

BP Solar

camLine Datensysteme für die Mikroelektronik

China Sunergy

Conergy AG


Deutsche Cell GmbH


ErSol Solar Energy AG

European Academy Bolzano (EURAC)

Evans Analytical Group

Festo AG & Co. KG

First Solar

Fraunhofer IPA

Fraunhofer ISE

ib-vogt GmbH

InReCon AG

Institut fur Solare Energieversorgungstechnik, ISET

Isofotón SA

M+W Zander Facility Engineering GmbH

Manz Automation AG

OC Oerlikon Balzers AG

Q-Cells AG

Reis GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik

RENA Sondermaschinen GmbH

Roth & Rau AG

SEMI Europe

Siemens AG

Solar Factory GmbH

Solar Ventures S.p.a

Solarworld Industries USA

Stangl Semiconductor Equipment AG

Themis A.S.



Würth Solar GmbH & Co. KG

Warsaw University of Technology

Wacker Chemie AG


How Can I Join the SEMI Standards Program?

Participation in the SEMI International Standards Program is open to all; SEMI underwrites the costs of administering the program as a service to the industry. Meetings are open and anyone may attend. Members may join one or more technical committees as voting or non-voting members by filling out a simple application form. Visit us at for more information.