Sources for EHS Regulations and Codes

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Web Sources of EHS Legislative, Regulatory, Code and Related Information

A fundamental plank in a strong corporate EHS program is being aware of relevant environmental, health & safety legislation and regulations in all the jurisdictions in which a company does business, and complying with them; as well as being aware of relevant draft legislation and preparing for it. This can be particularly expensive and resource consuming for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in a number of jurisdictions across the globe—so free, timely sources of information are particularly useful to these companies. Similarly, a company needs to be aware of changes to codes and standards that are relevant to their activities.

The following list suggests some predominantly English-language sources that cover these kinds of information. Some sources are free and others are not; some predominantly cover regulatory and/or code information, others only occasionally. There are also many other sources of information on specific legislation. For example, some law firms and vendors selling services or products related to the European Union’s RoHS Directive are maintaining pages of information—some of these are reliable and informative; many are highly derivative, irregularly updated, and dubious quality.

If you can suggest additional or alternative sources that you prefer, please contact Sanjay Baliga at SEMI with your suggestions. Also, we’d value your opinions on the timeliness and reliability of the sources we mention—we’ll remove ones that are poorly regarded. We would like to make this list as comprehensive and useful as possible for SEMI member companies around the globe. We also invite SEMI members to consider joining the International Compliance and Regulatory Committee, at whose meetings this sort of information is discussed with regard to their relevance to the semiconductor industry.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: SEMI would like to thank Monico Cunanan of Applied Materials for providing many of the sources in this list. Without his contribution, this list would not have been started.

DISCLAIMER: Neither SEMI or any other contributor of any of these sources endorse any of the companies or their products or services that are listed as sources; nor do we warrant the accuracy or timeliness of any of the information provided by the sources. The list is provided for general guidance and background only, not for decision making. Each company should seek a qualified advisor for specific advice on their own situation.

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